About Me

I'm Erica.   When I come across something fantastic I want to share it.  In fact, I would like to stand up and shout it and tell it to my neighbor!!!  A great reason to have a blog!  The categories of this blog (the Artist, the Mommy, the Designer...) are the facets of my life I think I'll be sharing the most.  Hopefully the categories will help you find what you're are interested in when you visit.  

the Mommy

Everything revolves around this:

Photo courtesy of Ann Marie K Photography.  She's my husband's cousin and she rocks!
the Artist

I love to create!  I was an Aggie before I decided to follow my dream to the School of Visual Arts at UNT.  Thank you for supportive parents!

One of my favorite projects from school.
the Designer

I was an Interior Designer (commercial interiors) and I LOVED my job at Kirksey before I became a Mom.  Now I enjoy working on my home but I've been missing the creative process and sharing ideas with others.  Hence, another reason to connect!

My former life.  Man I loved wearing suits!  That giant monitor is funny!  Photo courtesy of Kirksey | Architecture.
the Shopper

The only place I don't like to shop is the grocery store.  From the Information Super Highway to the fields of Round Top, Texas, I love shopping!  I'll research the heck out of something to find the best of the best and most of the time it's on sale.

the Tourist

Getting away, going places, relaxing and seeing new things.  Dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing)!

the Night Owl

A night owl I am and coffee I savor in the morning.  :)  This is a category for the miscellaneous.  For example, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo I volunteer for and look forward to every year!

WCBBQ Committee Contest Division
I plan on sharing with you forever, thank you for being my neighbor!