Best Morning Ever Mug

I thought I had a pair of these mugs when I was all set to take photos of them to share with you but it turns out we broke one!  So I just ordered another mug because I want to repeat last year's Valentine's Day morning surprise.

These are my sweetie pies last year on Valentine's Day.  Waking up to this breakfast on top of these mugs was a hit for them and a sweet way to start the lovely day! And we ended up using the mugs all year long for more hot chocolate and donuts! The mug (see photo at bottom of post) has 2 openings on the top, one big and one small and the shelf is there to warm up your donut or cookie or muffin... or hold your cookie when you're having milk and cookies!

We've been on a whip-cream kick so this year I'm planning on adding a tower of whip-cream to spill out of the top!  Yum!

I just ordered our replacement mug (click on pic above to shop or use this link: Best Morning Ever Mug) so we can have a set again and it's supposed to arrive by this Thursday, Feb. 8, plenty of time for Valentine's Day! Also, the donuts are from River Oaks Donuts on Westheimer in Houston.