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Hi Neighbors! It's December so I'm going to start posting gift ideas, the most I can everyday until it's too late!  For the last several years we've given the same gift to everyone in our extended family. All the adults get the same thing, all the kids get the same thing and all the babies get the same thing, in very broad age groups.  I love it I love it I love it. It takes the stress of the holidays down like 70%. Yes, I'm serious, it's huge, consider it and tell your neighbor about it! Even the wrapping is simplified, it's all the same size!

When we were in New York in September for my Birthday, I had the BIG idea.  I saw this beautiful backgammon set at the MOMA and said to my sister, "Look at this, it's so pretty you could keep it on your coffee table!" And then I remembered all the other games I'd stored in my brain that are pretty enough to keep out on display and decided that's what I want to get everyone.  Games!  The classic ones that are so pretty they can be kept on a bookshelf or coffee table to promote family togetherness! Or at least be boredom breakers in an age when we'd all like to pick up our phones a little less!

So I've found all the pretty games I've seen in boutiques and shops on vacations and compiled a collection for you here!  When things are out of sight, they're also out of mind but these can be kept out!
First, lucky for us Nordstrom right now has a MOMA Pop-In because the beautiful backgammon is not on Amazon!
Next, Fredericks & Mae has the most fun set of playing cards I've ever seen! Beautiful inside and out!  Available at Nordstrom, Amazon or Madewell.
Fredericks & Mae also has the coolest domino sets!  These would be awesome on a coffee table, who doesn't want a spontaneous game of dominos to break out while watching football on Sunday?! Available at One Kings Lane and Urban Outfitters but not Amazon.

Next, Ridley's has a huge collection of "design-led" games by Wild & Wolf.  From dominos to brain teasers and movie buff quizzes, I want them all!  These are available from Amazon, Nordstrom and Madewell. Here they are categorized, click on the image and I'll take you to it:

Black and White Designs

Colorful Designs


Big Box Sets
Big Box Sets

Tumbling Blocks

The black and white letter box on my coffee table (seen at the top of this post) is actually a giant memory game.  It's great for the typography people and my son loves to play it!

One more from Fredericks & Mae, this paper games set can be split up or kept together.  Sprinkle the fun throughout the house, take a pad to a restaurant for entertainment or leave the set out on the coffee table.

I think it's Jenny Komenda who has a bowl of tumble tower blocks on her coffee table.  I love this idea. They can be used to play a game, design and build, or write messages or memories on to explore anytime.  And how about a rainbow set?!

Lastly, for the family who doodles, I like the idea of leaving out a fun set of chalk with a chunky plain white notepad.  This set is 8"x 8" so it's not too big and because it's a puzzle, it's also a game!

Since having this gift idea, I've moved a lot of our board games from the closet of the game room to our "library" on the tricky bottom shelf of our bookshelves.  In here the games are on display and not out of sight out of mind!  I hope this idea helps with your holiday gift giving, stay posted for more!

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