Brickheadz for the Kidz

I think I gasped and had heart eyes when I found these at the Lego store!  They are so cool! They are called Lego Brickheadz and according to the AFOL (adult fan of lego) who helped me, they're a new collectible favorite this year! The building sets were first introduced and exclusive to Comic Con in 2016 and now they're available to all.  So, if you read my previous gift post then you know about my simplified gift giving for the holidays and THIS is my BIG idea for the kids in our family!

I gave a Brickheadz set to each of my kids and my nephews as a surprise during our Hurricane Harvey evacuation. All 4 of them lit up and wanted to build right away! They loved them! And from a parents perspective, I like Brickheadz building sets because they're small enough but still big enough to satisfy.  Sometimes life does not permit a Star Wars Lego set sprawled out on the kitchen table for 2 weeks. ;) And so those big sets sometimes stay in the closet waiting for a break in our schedule.  The Brickheadz don't have to wait, I think our crew (age 6-9) averaged about an hour to build.

Amazon Brickheadz Shop
I also like these for the under $10 price point. Compared to the minifig, there's more bang for the buck! And depending on the budget, one can give a single, a pair or a set! The above picture (click on it) is Amazon's Lego Shop of Brickheadz and below are all the individual sets offered.  (click on pictures below)

Ninjago: (click on pictures)

Star Wars: (click on pictures)

Comic Con Sets, these have a wide range of limited edition prices: (click on pictures)
If you're looking for a BIG gift for an avid collector, the exclusive Comic Con sets can still be found on eBay (I've linked them here) and Amazon (linked here).

Did someone just say, "See you on the flip side!"  Did you hear that? Ha! I'm becoming an AFOL. Love these Brickheadz.  Stay posted for more gift ideas to come!

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