"All The Rage" for the Girls

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Now, if you're looking for gift ideas for a girl, below is a list of things that are "all the rage" to my daughter right now.  These trends hit different ages and areas of the country at different times so some of these things may seem last year to you but they are so this year to her, like totally. ;)  She's 10 but I think a lot of these ideas would be great for a very broad age group. This list of 12 things is in no particular order and it's not all Rainbows and Unicorns, so keep scrolling! ;)

1. Magic Sequin Anything - My daughter has a pillow and a journal with the magical reversible sparkle, she loves it and I do, too!  I must love to fidget because I think that's the appeal with this.  We write on it, pass it back and forth with designs and sometimes just fidget.  Scroll through my picks and click on the picture below:

2. Unicorn or Rainbow Anything - If it has a unicorn or rainbow on it, my daughter has her eyes on it.

3. Squishy Anything - These I found below are scented, slow rising and above 4 star reviews on amazon.  The unicorn was just delivered to my house, I like it!

4. Slime Anything - Some parents might be over this trend, but we didn't do it much and I like that there are kits available now and you don't have to use a random recipe found on the Internet.

5. Emoji Anything - 

6. Chapter book Series Sets - These are series my daughter has read and loved!

7. Accessories 

8. Care Bear - I was in the store with my daughter, I showed her the purple care bear and asked her if she'd be excited if someone gave it to her and she started jumping up and down and wants it for Christmas.

9. Craft Kits - Some of the craft kits I've seen and liked are by Seedling and Art Camp LA. These below look fun, too!

10. American Girl - I say American Girl but I'm very impressed by Target's Our Generation line and my daughter doesn't care or know the difference between AG and OG.  She's particularly into the dogs, which I cannot find on the website but they are hopefully still in the store.  Here are some sets she's into:

11. Baking - During the summer my daughter picked up baking, so I'm thinking about getting her something to do with that, maybe even a class at Central Market!

12. Real Make-Up for Play - We gave this "real kit" to Lilly for her birthday a couple months ago and she was thrilled!

I hope this helps if your shopping for a girl!  My next post is going to be full of book recommendations because they ship quick and we're getting close.  Stay posted!

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