20 Favorites for the Guys

This guy (my husband, Joseph) just gave me all of his favorites for a list of gift ideas!  I think this list of 20 is so good you could call it a secret weapon!  I also think each of these things deserves a blog on their own! But it's the holidays and we need it all at once so let's jump right in with the clothing first and we'll save the best (the fun stuff) for last!


1. Bonobos Golf Shorts- Joseph likes these because they're wrinkle-free and not too short, not too long.  And I like the way these look on his booty. ;)

2. Peter Millar Mountainside Polo - He likes this polo because it's super soft, can be worn tucked or untucked and "Best of all," he says, "it doesn't smell like the technology shirts."

3. Mizzen & Main shirts - These shirts are revolutionary, not your average dress shirt! He likes them because they don't require dry-cleaning, they hang dry quickly and they have some stretch!  And wow, they look good on him!

4. Onia Tee - He say's, "Great poolside shirt, super lightweight, it doesn't smell and ideal for the Houston climate."

5. Stance Socks - Joseph says, "Good quality socks.  I like the no-show golf socks the most but they also have a cool variety of long socks, something for everyone."  And I'll add that they are the official sock of the MLB!

6. Air Jordans - Joseph likes to collect these because he didn't have them growing up and he always wanted them.  It's like a dream come true for him!  He even wore them with a tux to a black tie gala!


7. Wade/Fly Fishing Fishpond Nomad Net - He says, "It's indistructable, it has a rubber net so hooks don't get stuck and it's excellent for keeping the fish alive. Hand held is the most versatile net but I use the mid size."

8. Fly Fishing Confluence Net Release - "Great addition to the net so you don't lose an expensive net."

9. Fishpond Summit Sling - This one is on his wish list, he says, "I like it because it's small enough not to be cumbersome but big enough to carry all of the tackle needs."

10. Simms Wade Fishing Socks and Boots - He says, "I like the socks because, when the water is cold, they allow me to enjoy wade fishing without having to put on a whole set of waders."  And the boots are on his wish list.

11. Rod and Reel set up - "This is the most reliable and versatile set a person could own." #TITYN


12. Ecco Biom Hybrid Golf Shoes - "A golf shoe that feels like a tennis shoe and has a more modern look for today's golfer."

13. Scotty Cameron Putter - "Can't go wrong with the best putters made!" 35" is preferred for anyone over 5'10".
14. Ping Driver G400 - Joseph says it's "a very forgiving driver."

15. Monument Stick It Range Finder Strap - He says it's a must have for the golfer and it speeds up play.


16. Hand muff with cellphone window - Perfect for cold hunts to help stay connected and communicate in the deer blind.


17. Fly Free Baboo Lightweight Long Sleeve Tee - The most comfortable fishing shirt on the market, also great for houston summer.  Can be worn everyday, too!  This is the softest shirt he's ever worn!

18. Buff Neckwear - Perfect to keep the sun off if you're fishing or playing golf.  He prefers wearing this to sunscreen.

My Two Ideas

19. Swell Traveler 3 sizes - I saw this in the golf store and asked Joseph if he'd like it.  He said yes.  Coffee or something warm to drink in the golf cart or deer blind and convenient because you can throw it in a bag.  A bigger mouth on this s'well makes it easier to pour into and more comfortable to drink from when you're sipping.

20. Like Mike Apparel - I'm singing, "Sometimes I dream that he is me, you've got to see that's how I dream to be... " These tees and hoodies are for anyone who know's what I'm talking about, for a 90s kid who wanted to "be like MIKE, if I could be like Mike!"

I have always had fun surprising Joseph with gear at Christmas.  He looks at me happy and confused like, "how'd you know about this?" My secret weapon is my Dad and the best sales people I can find at the store who will give me the scoop, the latest and greatest.  I hope this post does that for you, I hope it's your secret weapon!

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