Haunted Gingerbread Houses and Cheers to Small Parties!

Balloon is from Emerson Sloan in Houston. More sources at the end of this post. 
Over the weekend my daughter had a tiny sleepover with friends to celebrate her 10th birthday.  I liked the size so much that I'd like to go back in time and say to my kids when planning their parties, "Which 2 or 3 friends would you like to invite?" Her small party was less stressful and more personal.  I'd even like to go back and have a smaller wedding. Ha! In the past it has seemed impossible to do small parties because I haven't wanted to leave anyone out or hurt anyone's feelings. But this way of thinking has cost me my sanity and the enjoyment of my own parties. That cost is too high for attempting the impossible, controlling other people's feelings, I can't do that!  I'd have to have a stadium and a million dollars to include everyone I love and who wants to go to a party where they can't find their friends?! Now I realize this wouldn't ever happen I'm just trying to prove a point.  I love a lot of people but I cannot manage a lot of people. :)  And on the flip side, if I or my kids are ever not included, "Ouch, that hurts and it's disappointing, but I get it." Anyway, shoot! This post is supposed to be my attempt at writing a quick blurb about a fun idea: Haunted Gingerbread Houses!

Sources at the end of this post.
My inspiring friend Jenn Powell shared her Halloween fun from Friday night on Instagram which included Haunted Gingerbread Houses.  "Genius idea," I thought! So I ran around all day Saturday gathering supplies to copy her idea that for the party that night!  It was the perfect activity for a sleepover and party favor to take home.  And I think I had energy to put it all together because I knew, in the end, I would get to make one, too!

And I did!  And we ALL had fun! Some finished in an hour others finished in 3 (me).  This house is actually a pre-assembled Christmas Kit from World Market. They already have Christmas out and they're selling out of Halloween Kits.  The Christmas kit comes with white icing so we went to Target and bought Black and Orange Icing and extra Spooky Candy.  World market had a good selection of Halloween candy, too.  But if you want to save yourself from running around to 4 stores, you could ship it all to your front door.  Here are a couple sources:

World Market:


I'd love to see what you make, tag me in your photos please! And it's not just for kids!  Creating is always therapeutic!