My Favorite Lunch Box and Why

I like our lunch boxes from last year (pictured in the background) and they've held so well that we are using them again this year! This brand of lunch boxes has a lot of patterns and shapes, great prices (under $20) and they are high functioning (no ice pack because they ARE an ice pack, the icepack is built-in the walls).  I am also going to add to our collection, I'm going to give the bento thing a whirl and PackIt has a new Bento Set!

I think they've held up from last year because they store in the freezer every night (they ARE an ice pack) and bacteria doesn't have a chance! Notice how they fall flat, folding like and accordion. They don't take up too much space and I like not having a ton of random ice packs floating in my freezer. :)

Green Camo Classic StyleColorful Camo Upright Style

I've always wanted to try the bento thing.  We'll see how it goes! This lunch box has a handle on the top flat side so it can be stored and carried flat but the plastic bento container will also fit in the classic style lunch box if you're not concerned contents in the container shifting. Also, a water bottle will have to be held separately with this bento style but a drink will fit in the classic style along with the plastic container.

Bento Set, Extra Bento Containers, Classic Lunch Box

Everyone and everything has different needs and wants.  Here's what I like about these specific boxes pictured above: The Green Camo box (it comes in several patterns), I like it because the top flips open like a classic lunch box and everything can stay inside the box while you're eating. Also, I'll be able to fit the bento container and a bottle of water.  Both camo styles have a strap that can clip onto a backpack or bicycle or... belt loop? Ha! ;) And the Bento Style will be great when the contents call for flat.  One last thing, they sell extra bento containers so you can have one lunchbox and several dishwasher safe containers. PackIt, I'm a fan!

Green Camo Classic StyleColorful Camo Upright StyleColorful Bento SetBlack Bento SetExtra Bento Containers

Several more styles I like:

All links are Amazon Prime because I love you and school starts very soon!