Back To School for Him | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

As you can see I didn't have to ask him twice to take pictures for my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post, he loved it!

The following "Back To School" outfit inspirations are courtesy of my 7 year old boy and his Dad.  I'm just the writer and photographer for this blog post!

There are several $13.90 super hero t-shirts in the sale but his favorite is Batman.  I don't know if Dad and Son meant to create this monochromatic look, but I like it!  The pants have an elastic waist and the shoes are good look'n!

Batman Tshirt, he's wearing a size M. Jogger Pants, he's wearing a size S.
Nike Shoes, he's wearing a 3.5.

This outfit is The Standard.  DRI-FIT t-shirt and DRI-FIT shorts, all day every day, lucky boy!  I like how Nike is changing up the shorts a little with a different hemline to keep him cool.

These shorts are more than meets the eye with different fabric in the hot areas, behind the knees and between the legs. Thank you Nike, keep him cool so he stays active! These shorts are $20.90 and after the sale they will go up to $32.00.

DRI-FIT T-Shirt, he's wearing a size S. DRI-FIT shorts, he's wearing an XS.
Nike Shoes, he's wearing size 3.5.

Next up is a dressier look but still very casual, maybe first day of school?  I like the t-shirt because... can you imagine looking out your airplane window to see astronauts floating above the clouds?! I think this imaginative boy loves that thought!  The pants are the same as the gray pants at the top of the post with an elastic waist, they come in several colors.

T-Shirt, he's wearing a size Small. Pants are big but he'll soon grow into this size S.
Nike Shoes, he's wearing a size 3.5.

He wouldn't stop dancing and moving in this outfit, so I'm guessing it feels really good to wear!  I finally had to say "show me triple threat" in order to get a photo! These pants are supposed to fit snug and boy do they look cute on him!

T-Shirt, he's wearing a size S. Dri-Fit Training Pants, he's wearing a size S.
Nike Shoes, he's wearing a size 3.5.

This is his "sweater" for the chilly classroom and cafeteria at school.  It's very light weight, just a hooded long sleeve T-shirt, so it should be very comfortable for layering and it won't take up much space in the backpack.

Dri-FIT Hooded T-Shirt, he's wearing a size S.

"Mommy, I'm going to do a stinky feet pose."  I didn't know what he was talking about but I sure was curious, "Go for it." Click, snapshot!

Astronaut T-shirt, he's wearing a size S, it's big on him now but 100% cotton will shrink in the wash. 
Dri-FIT shorts, he's wearing an XS.

That's it for the Boy's Section of the Nordstrom Sale (early access ends July 20th)! Did you see our Back to School inspiration for Her, in yesterday's post?  I hope it's helpful if you need it!  Coming soon is a post on how I've used the Home Section of the sale to help us settle in to our new house.

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