3rd Annual Shopping Experiment

Last week I went on day 2 of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale's Early Access to put together this post with the intention of sharing it with you as soon as possible, but then life happened.  So I'm going to keep this as short as possible because things are selling out!

If you've been a reader for a while, skip this paragraph, you already know what this is.  If not, Nordstrom has a sale unlike any other where they discount brand new arrivals beginning in July and then prices go up August 8th.  I like to take advantage of it for my growing babies with their back to school clothes.  To have fun with it, I have them each pick out an outfit without help from me, I call this a Shopping Experiment.  I love comparing their picks and my picks and I love seeing their personal style emerge. Fashion is fun!

So let's dive in and get right to it.

This is Beau's head-to-toe pick for himself.  I asked him to pick out a "first day of school outfit".  I love it all!  These shoes are covered in  glow-in-the-dark sharks, these pants were about the color for him and the Star Wars hoodie is unbelievably soft!

This is my head-to-toe pick for him.  I like to see him in a polo shirt and I thought he'd appreciate a little alligator on it.  The pants have an elastic waist because I know that's the only kind of pants he likes to wear and the high top converse sneakers are slip on, there's hidden elastic inside the shoe!

This is Lilly's head-to-to pick for herself.  She LOVES dresses like this, the more pattern and movement the better!  I'm into the shoes she selected for the durability.  Would you agree that shoes made of PVC are indestructible?!  Bonus, they have a fruity smell!

When she put this on I melted, she loved it, too!  This is my selection for her.  The top is colorful and lightweight, the jeggings are... do they make a pair in my size?  and the boots versatile and adorable!

We were both drawn to this cute cardigan.  Her school temperature fluctuates, so she always wants a sweater in her backpack in case she needs it.

I'm squeezing in a few extra outfits for her because we were having so much fun together.  We were inspired by this super soft reversible faux shearling vest.  And I went for the jeggings again in black this time because they're the best I've come across in fit, style and feel for her.  She went for the emoji tee (it's sold out, I'll let you know when it's back in stock). And we tied it all together with these great boots again, versatile/smart purchase!

When she tried this on I thought, NO! She might as well be in jr. high!  She looks so grown up!  Then at the same time I though how beautiful she is and how excited I am for our future together.  I felt sad, anxious, adoring and excited all at once.  Crazy how clothes can transform into feelings!  Anyway, this is a good time to buy these expensive workout clothes on sale!

This is another extra!  They wanted to pick out an outfit for each other.  Can you tell by the light up shoes? ;)

Lilly picked this outfit for her brother.  About the T-Shirt she said, "It's the story of my life!"  We live on a street with all boys and she feels our extended family doesn't have enough girls. Ha!  The jeans she selected for Beau have an elastic waist, thumbs up! And the shoes are again, slip on!

This is Beau's outfit for his sister.  He called the dress and shoes "rainbow" and he knew Lilly would like it because the outfit was like one.

I don't know what my conclusion is about the experiment this year.  I do know this:  "What is good taste?  Your taste."  Maybe my conclusion is, I'm letting go and stressing to them that fashion is fun.  I don't want them trying to please me or anyone else via their clothes!  I did my best to get them clothes they liked even if I didn't like them because it's all SUBJECTIVE and I just want them to feel good! Tell it to your neighbor!

PS- Yes, shopping with them took a lot of patience.  I made sure I was well rested and my tummy was full. ;)  So no need to take your kids to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, just shop my post for these kid approved deals.  And thank you in advance!