It's been a while since I've been on this blog because we've started to build a house!  I hope you are on Instagram or Facebook and I hope you are enjoying the progress/process I'm sharing there!

In short, we demolished our existing house (we'd been living there since 2008) and moved into a rental right next door while we build on our lot.  

Our builder is Horace Homes (this is how we met) and our architect is Travis Mattingly with Architectural Solutions, Inc..  I could go on and on about how pleased I am with both of them but I'm trying to write fast and the purpose of this post is to share the plans!

We met with Travis for the first time about a year ago.  He came up with 4 schematic plans based on our needs, wants and ideas for our lot.  It was hard to decide but we picked our favorite and began the process of developing it into our final plans.

Fast forward several months and here's the rendering of what our house will mostly look like!  I say "mostly" because there are several things that will be different stylistically, for example there won't be any arches.  So the porch and garage will be straight across.  The brick will be slurried so you'll see less brick pattern and it will look kind of like painted brick.  The chimney is smaller and has only one flu at the top.  The front door and garage door design will be different as well.  AND we have a big tree in our front yard, hiding a lot of the chimney!
Oh how I love this floor plan.  This is the first floor.  Take a look!  I told Travis I like to be inside a house and see the outside of the house, I experience this at my sisters house and for some reason I like the feeling.  So he created a courtyard, my favorite part of the whole house!  Perfect for a ping pong table don't you think?!  Oh and I have to mention the Art Room, dream come true!
And the second floor!  I told Travis I wanted a window in every bathroom and also in the utility room and he made it work!  I also wanted closets located in bathrooms because I believe this will keep the rooms tidier and he made that work too!

I helped design the master bath and closet and it's been humbling because it's the space we're most concerned about things fitting. Ha!  In my former life before kids, I space planed work spaces in office buildings, residences are a little different. ;)  I hope you'll follow along on social media under the hashtag #titynbuildsahouse to see more things like this.

Before you go I'd like to invite you to join me next Tuesday at the Grand Opening Party of Alice and Olivia in Houston at River Oaks District.  The opening is honoring The Children's Fund and 20% of the evenings proceeds will benefit them!  Please see the invite above for more information and RSVP.  I hope to see you there!


  1. Have enjoyed following your house building on IG. It is going to be so nice! I really like the slurried brick, there is a new construction on my street (I'm in Houston- Braeswood Place) with slurried brick and it looks great. Makes me want to do it to my 2002 brick house!

  2. I love the layout of your house it's beautiful.