The Fall of Unfinished Business

Today is the first day of Fall and I am declaring this season "The Fall of Unfinished Business".  I'm pretty good at coming up with ideas and taking steps to start on these ideas, for example, buying supplies or sharing my plans with you.  I'm also pretty good at getting overwhelmed, procrastinating and thinking, "this, this and this needs to be done before I can do that".  And when I'm trying my best to live "one day at a time" I often choose to do the thing that rewards in the moment over doing the thing that rewards in the long term.  A lot on my to-do list is for my home, a passion of mine, but it's hard to work on/spend money on a house when we don't know the future of it, adding on, building, moving...  Weeks of pondering ideas turn into months that turn into years of not doing what I love.  All of this might sound like excuses but it's real and I want to get past it, now that I am able. ;)

For the first time in a long time I have some time to get these things done, tell it to your neighbor!  Both of my kids are now in elementary school and it's less of a struggle to gain momentum and tackle projects and major responsibilities.  But I know from the success of #31Days2GetOrganized I need to set up some accountability, camaraderie and support.  Would you like to join me in #TheFallOfUnfinishedBusiness? I'm going to post my "frog eating" and project completing on this blog, Facebook and Instagram.  I'd love for you to join me if you're in the same boat, together is better!  Hopefully I'll be finding sources, like someone to make me a pillow, and sharing those too!

My list is long, it's in no particular order and I know I'm forgetting some things.

#TheFallOfUnfinishedBusiness To-Do List

1. Beaver Creek vacation blog post (better late than never to write about my favorite vacation so far).

2. Kids art storage blog post.

3. Lego party post.
4. Frame and hang Donald Robertson print.
5. 12 continuing education hours by the end of October.
6. Frame and hang Paris Texas print.
7. Hang peacock mirror.

8. Have pillow for bed made.
9. Have slipcover for daybed made.
10. Garage sale or giveaway accumulating stuff in carport and shed.
11. Finish reading The One and Only.
12. Finish reading The Gifts of Imperfection.

13. Refurbish vintage beach chair (had for a year and a half, from round top).
14. Halloween ornament idea (purchased supplies a year ago).
15. Collage idea: Christmas Aftermath (saved scraps from last Christmas).

16. 3 More Dala Horses (purchased supplies a year and a half ago)
17. Returns to store.
18. Returns to be shipped (shipping and mailing are a huge weakness of mine).
19. Put photos in empty frames.
20. Hang Joseph's Annex sign.

21. Hang Ford sign.
22. Hang Lilly and Beau's black and white preschool photos.
23. Hang antlers.
24. Wooden initial project with family.
25. Legal stuff.
26. Business stuff.
27. Car stickers (includes windshield repair).
28. Backyard and window box.
29. Organize Legos.
30. Respond to long overdue emails/ messages on Facebook.
31. Plan a 20 year reunion.
32. Clean and return borrowed Mickey Mouse costume (this has been in and out of my car for 3 years).

I'd like to finish a big part of this long to-do list this fall, I don't think I'll be able to do it all but as much as I can!  I want to do this before I commit to anything new, before I act on another idea, before I buy anything more and before I start to pursue some big dreams I have for this blog and for myself.  These things are taking up space in my head, in my hallway, in my closet and I'm ready to get it done!!! Please join me and use the hashtag #TheFallOfUnfinishedBusiness when you post.  Also, make sure your posts are public on Facebook or make sure you're Instagram profile is temporarily public if you want to share your posts with others.  You can always direct message me too! Let's do this!!!