Shopping Experiment Take Two!

A typical department store sale is a lower price on a leftover item from a previous season.  A Nordstrom Anniversary sale is positively different!  It's a ton of new styles for the upcoming season (even some tried and true favorites) offered at much lower prices for a temporary period of time, then the price goes up!  I like to use the sale to save on back-to-school shopping for my kids.  Last year I had so much fun with my  "Shopping Experiment" post that I thought I'd do it again!

We had fun again to say the least!  Here's the "experiment": When I shop for my kids I do my best to keep their likes and dislikes in mind.  But what if my kids went shopping without me and what if they didn't have to think about versatility, price, size/growth?  And what would that kind of personal expression look like for them?!  Could I just go with it?  So I had them pick out a "First Day of School Outfit" from the Anniversary Sale without any help or opinions from me.  I also selected an outfit for them I thought they'd like with the usual mom things in mind (durability/versatility).  I hope it gives you some back-to-school shopping ideas if you're shopping for kiddos.

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These are my picks for Beau.  I thought I did pretty good with the Spiderman Tshirt considering graphic tees are not my favorite, ha!  And I included a hoodie because according to my daughter, "He needs a sweater for kindergarten because the classrooms are freezing!"

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These are Beau's picks for himself to wear on the first day of school.  I love it, so fun to see his style at just 5.  I don't know if I can go with the minions hoodie, ha! But the Star Wars Tshirt is a win win so I ordered it up a size to fit him better.

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These are my picks for Lilly and she liked all of it!  Success! This denim moto jacket is adorable!

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These are Lilly's picks for herself and I am blown away!  She had so much fun and I love her style!  I never would have picked up this dress but I think it looks so cute!  And with the leopard, I wish I could mix and match patterns like this!

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Of course my Daughter wanted to put together more than one outfit and I was amazed again!  She has a talent, I love it all!  This was the sweater she wanted to get for the classroom, she's very excited about it.

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I had to take a close-up of the jeggings she selected.  They sparkle and they're not itchy at all, super soft!

I hope this experiment was as fun for you as it was for me.  I learned I can open my mind, give them more freedom, let go of my style on them and let their personality shine through!

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale starts TODAY and prices go up Monday, Aug 3rd.  So we have a little over two weeks to take advantage of the savings, good luck!

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