5 Tips to Help Your Holiday

I often say to myself, "There's got to be a better way."  Then, I do my best to come up with that better way.  These next 5 tips are things I've come up with that might help your Holiday.  When things are easier, simpler and faster, there is less stress.  And we all could use a little less stress over the next couple weeks, right?!

The Amazing Gallon Ziploc!  Saran Wrap and Aluminum Foil drive me crazy, they're messy and they don't really seal.  Press'n Seal bothers me because it leaves behind a residue.  The gallon bag is my "better way".  I try to store everything in it, a pie, a plate of leftovers, a bowl of dip without a top...  Just slide it in and zip it closed, piece of cake... or pie!

Leave the ice cream top in the freezer.  Next time your serving ice cream or just eating from the pint, avoid the messy melting top and instead leave it behind in the freezer.  When you return your ice cream to the freezer, put the 'still frozen' top back on, tell it to your neighbor!

Cheeky Disposable Goods.  During the holidays it's hard to keep the house clean with young kids.  We are in and out of the house dropping stuff and going to the next thing.  This is when I break out the disposable goods for a few days.  This Cheeky brand at Target donates a meal for every item purchased!  You can read more about it, here.  Their plastic cups are recyclable!

Teach them Slapjack.  When you run out of things to do and the kids run out of patience waiting for the big meal, grab a deck of playing cards and teach them Slapjack.  I did this at Thanksgiving and I think this epic game lasted over an hour and a half!  Here's how to play: Slapjack.  I'd say this game is for 5 year olds and up but 4 year olds can play, too if there's an older kiddo to help them.

Instacart.  The grocery store is one of my least favorite places to go.  I've used Instacart a couple times when my husband has been out of town and I've been in a bind (or I just didn't want to take two tired kiddos into a pre-thanksgiving grocery store).  It's an app on your phone, it's grocery delivery for a small fee and the first time is free!  Download the app, enter your zip and see if the service is in your area.  If it's not, my prediction is it will be soon!