Emma and I

Did you see Emma Stone on The Tonight Show back in April?  I missed it but I caught the clip.  Here's two of my favorite entertainers being adorably funny and talking about things I love:

So, Emma Stone and I have something in common, we both Pin inspirational quotes on Pinterest.  Her board is a secret and mine is disguised by the title "Typography Art", ha ha ha!  I guess I thought if I called it art then it wasn't really an "inspirational quote".  When I was younger my Mom used to create these images of quotes and frame them.  I thought they were ridiculous.  Now I find myself creating my own with Shapely and even posting them on Instagram for the whole world to see.  Slowly but surely I will eat all the words I've ever said.  I have officially become a quote loving fool!  So, I was just looking over the "art" I've collected on Pinterest and thought I could share some of my favorites here.

And here are a couple of my own I've made with the Shapely app:

As I get older I need reminders for everything!

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