Shopping Experiment

The greatest sale ever invented started today, tell it to your neighbor!!!  It's the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  What's special about this?  All sale items are new, pre-season!  And the pricing is amazing!

So I thought it would be fun to do an experiment.  When I shop for my kids I do my best to keep their likes and dislikes in mind.  But do I really?  And if my kids were shopping without me, they wouldn't have to think about versatility, price, size/growth.  What would that look like?  So first I selected realistic favorites I thought they'd like.  Then they picked out their favorites without any help from me.  Let's see if I came close to their personal style and what their picks look like!

First up are Lilly's Picks!  She turns 7 this fall.

1st Day of School Outfit (I came close with the shoes!):

Winter Coat (my pick left, her pick right):

Boots and Sneakers (we had the same pics!):

Hoodie/Sweater (my pick left, her pick right):

Something Extra Shoes (my pick left, her pick right):

Next up are Beau's Picks!  He just turned 4.

1st Day of School Outfit (I think I came pretty close on this one!):

Outfit Links:  Blue Polo, Blue Plaid Shorts, Graphic Tee, Red Plaid Shorts.

Winter Jacket (my pick left, his pick right):

Sneakers (my pick left, his pick right):

Hoodie (my pick left, his pick right):

Of course Beau's picks would include Snoopy, Spider Man and car looking sneakers!  Maybe I should  stay out of the wardrobe selection for my kids from now on!  Their style has a lot more pizzazz than mine does, ha!

Good luck shopping the Anniversary Sale!  If you have a card with Nordstrom, it's double points till Sunday.  And prices go up August 4th!  I'll be purchasing workout clothes because for the first time in 12 years I'm working out!  And I love the Zella brand!


United Colors of Wimbledon

Billie Weiss/AELTC
Every time I watch professional tennis I get inspired.  I like the game, the preppy style, the colors, the atmosphere, the sportsmanship, the fanfare and the athletes.  The height of all this tennis inspiration happens for me at Wimbledon.

Jon Buckle/AELTC
At Wimbledon the mix of colors are classic and fresh.  Working together are green, purple, white, navy, gold and silver.  The players have to wear all WHITE, the court is grass GREEN, the brand logo is GREEN and PURPLE, the ball kids wear a NAVY uniform and the trophies are mixed metals, GOLD and SILVER.

Jon Buckle/AELTC
Sprinkle in the rainbow of colors coming from the audience, the shine of the sun, the blue sky and an exciting yellow tennis ball and I am left completely inspired.  So I went searching for interiors with these United Colors of Wimbledon and created a collection! (Stay to the end of this post to see a different and more important inspiration.)

Apartment Therapy
Urban Walker
Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy
Ellen Degeneres / Architectural Digest / Emily Henderson Blog
Design Sponge
Domain Home
House and Home
House Beautitul

Style Me Pretty
Colin Cowie Weddings
And there's more where those came from, I created a Pin board called United Colors of Wimbledon if you're digging these colors.
Djokovic: You Live For This Moment
Before you go, there was something more importantly inspirational than the colors of this past Wimbledon.  It was the Champion of the "Gentlemen's" Final, Novak Djokovic.  Did you watch the match last Sunday?  It was EPIC!  Djokovic beat my favorite player, Roger Federer, after an amazing and entertaining fight.  Regardless of winning or runner-up-ing I am always impressed with the humility of tennis players and Djokovic didn't disappoint.  If you're inspired by honestly and vulnerability, watch the first 2 minutes his post champ interview.  The #1 tennis player in the world shares how he went to the restroom mid-game and had a "chat to himself" to overcome the mental game.  Love it!


Emma and I

Did you see Emma Stone on The Tonight Show back in April?  I missed it but I caught the clip.  Here's two of my favorite entertainers being adorably funny and talking about things I love:

So, Emma Stone and I have something in common, we both Pin inspirational quotes on Pinterest.  Her board is a secret and mine is disguised by the title "Typography Art", ha ha ha!  I guess I thought if I called it art then it wasn't really an "inspirational quote".  When I was younger my Mom used to create these images of quotes and frame them.  I thought they were ridiculous.  Now I find myself creating my own with Shapely and even posting them on Instagram for the whole world to see.  Slowly but surely I will eat all the words I've ever said.  I have officially become a quote loving fool!  So, I was just looking over the "art" I've collected on Pinterest and thought I could share some of my favorites here.

And here are a couple of my own I've made with the Shapely app:

As I get older I need reminders for everything!