Wild Kratts Birthday Party for a Girl

Our daughter was a Wild Kratts super fan for over a year, she knows more about animals now than I do!  So, for her 6th birthday party (last fall) she wanted it at the Houston Zoo with a Wild Kratts theme.  Wild Kratts is not a merchandised show, there aren't any toys or packaged invitations.  The only things available are birthday banners and only one design is girly.  So this is where the party planning started, with this big personalized banner from Toy's R Us:

I went straight to MamaMoonlights on Etsy to design a Wild Kratts inspired invitation and as always, she delivered:

The party was in a pavilion outside on a gorgeous day, it was also first thing in the morning.  Here's the scene:

girl Wild Kratts birthday party

Napkins and plates were from Party City and the paper tablecloth was from JCPenney and is no longer available. :(

The delicious cake was from Moeller's Bakery in Houston and I printed the Wild Kratts image on sugar at Amazing Cake Supplies in Bellaire.

This Animal Paper Chain was a detail I thought was adorable!  It can be found here.

The Zoo's party schedule is backwards.  They have you do snack and cake first.  So we needed something to do while we waited for all of our friends to arrive.  I found these cute Animal Hand Tattoos and put them kiddos while we waited.

The talking Zebra hand!

It was kinda hard to get the kiddos to sit and eat animal crackers and apple slices at 10 am, ha!  So we went straight to cake!  And, phew, no one cried at the sparkling candles, we only had kiddos in awe:

Next, we went for a ride on the carousel before the best part, our Animal Experience!

A zoo keeper brought 2 small animals to our pavilion.  He talked to the kids about each one and their questions were pretty funny!  Then, if they wanted, they could touch the animal:

Before we knew it the party was over and it was time to pass out the party favors.

Wild Kratts party favor

I printed Wild Kratts stickers at home on Paper-Source's 2.5" round label and put them the plain white bags, no merchandised party favors available!  (Here's the sticker file.)  The birthday girl personalized them and inside the bags were our version of "creature power discs", chocolate animal coins:

Wild Kratts, creature power discs

And a fun Wildlife Spinner:

Oh, one last thing, our "creature power suits" were t-shirts from the PBS Shop.  And they loved them:
Wild Kratts, creature power suit
I hope you're enjoying Birthday Party Post Week!  Stay posted, more to come!

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