What I Want for Mother's Day

Dear Joseph,

For Mother's Day all I want is to sleep in on Saturday, coffee in bed and to spend the rest of the day with our family, including the Art Car Parade, tell it to your neighbor!  But just in case you feel like throwing something extra in the mix, or for future reference, I found my wish list at Uptown Park.  Nothing has to be ordered, you can just drop in while you're out for lunch or on your way home from work, how convenient is that?!  Here's the top 10 list:

darzzi, Erica Sundstrom Smith

1. Rocca Rocca loopy earrings, $95 at High Gloss - These are bold and can be worn with anything!
2. Darzzi Akaar Throw in Black and White at Paluche Decor - I know you'll end up stealing this from me. :)

3.  Big O Key Ring, $55 at Caruggi's - Our neighbor has this, so I've seen it in action!  I'd like to run places without carrying a bag for my keys, I'd also like to find my keys easily when I am carrying a bag.  Both can be done with this key ring because the circle O is 4 inches and can be worn on the arm or found easily in the bag!

4.  Scalamandre: Haute Decor by Steven Stolman, $75 at Longoria Collection - I want it because I worked there one summer!

longoria collection, Erica Sundstrom Smith

5.  Plenty Dress by Tracy Reese, $324 at Carrie Ann Boutique - I love this dress and I can't stop thinking about it!

6. Crave Cupcakes - You know I think their cupcakes are the best and I have a new favorite flavor, coconut!
7. De Petra Bracelets, $60 - $225 at High Gloss - Maybe we should forward this one to Jon for Carly, she LOVES these and it would be a huge surprise!  Unless she reads this post. :/

8. Meche Correa Buffalo Horn Necklace, $240 at High Gloss - I love the scale of horn jewelry, it's always awesome and bold.  This necklace IS a whole outfit.

9.  Yosi Samra Gold Flip Flops at Carrie Ann Boutique - I wear gold flip flops all summer, these are so comfortable and last year's pair are coming apart.  Need! (There's also a Goldenthread necklace there that says Hope.)

10. Alexandra Von Furstenberg Candy Bowl at Longoria Collection - This is a splurge item, I love it big or small.

And that's the list!  Can't wait for a great weekend!  Oh, one more thing, can we do some art as a family too, maybe The Mad Potter.  It's not Mother's Day, it's Mother's Weekend, right?!

Love you,

*The photos from this post are from the Fashion Blogger Series with Uptown Park, photographer Kennon Evett.
**Information about my attire in this post can be found in the Uptown Park's Blog Post.
***Thank you Robert Moore at K. Renee for squeezing me in to do my hair for this photo shoot!
****Thank you C. Style for adding the oh so important final touch to these outfits!
*****If you're reading this post and you're not from Houston, below are links to most everything online, click on the photo, it's the link!.

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  1. I read this post but it would still be a huge surprise! Joseph, Can you forward this to Jon? HAHAHAHA!

  2. How did your hubby do? Did he see this list? :)