Scooby-Doo Meets Batman Party

Birthday Party Week continues!  Last week our little boy turned 4 and he had his first "real" birthday party.  This means it was the first time he had more than an easy party with family in our backyard.  And he wanted another mixed theme, this time "Scooby-Doo Meets Batman"  So I did my best to make the mix look great!

Nobody makes Scooby-Doo Meets Batman invitations so I had to make them myself.  I don't have software for making invitations so I made Picasa do as much as it could for me and I had to do it very quickly. :)  Yes, the party was at Wonderwild again, they've got a good thing going there!

My nephew gave us the best reaction when he walked into this room and saw this table.  He said, "I knew it. (long pause) I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!"  And then he couldn't stop smiling as he checked it all out.  For the birthday boy, nothing was new, he'd been opening deliveries and running errands with me all week, ha!  My nephew though was like a kid in a candy store!  Now, pretend like you're him as you check this out:

FYI - links to everything are at the end of this post.  

This is the spectacular Scooby-Doo Meets Batman cupcake tower!  The tower was from Crave but the cupcakes were from HEB (I provided the cupcake rings).  The cardboard tower was $25 and I've been able reuse it.  It's awesome for serving, the tiers can be taken off the top and used as trays for passing out cupcakes, tell it to your neighbor!

Our cupcake figurines, the Mystery Gang and Batman and Robin, were the Birthday Boy's main gift and we gave it to him the day before the party.  

Our Scooby-Doo party favors!  The bag is a lunch sack and Scooby-Doo is made out of stickers we cut out ourselves, a lot of work but worth it!  How cute does the Party Table Fringe from Emerson Sloan look on this counter?!  The fringe tied it all together!

I had a blank wall so I grabbed a few party favors and hung them as decoration.

B-E-A-U was turning 4, so I couldn't resist the letter candles.

Our Baby had an awesome time at his Scooby-Doo Meets Batman Party!  I can't believe he's four!

Below are links to everything and if I could, the link is to an AmazonPrime item.  If you're in Houston, I got most of these supplies at Arne's and Emerson Sloan.  Kim with ES helped me bring the mix together.  Thank you, Kim!


A Few Memorial Day / Summer Discoveries

Birthday Party Week will continue next week, I have two more posts and I ran out of time!  But this morning our dog woke me up early so let's see if I can get a quick post out before the rest of the family wakes up. :) Here are a few things I've discovered that might enhance your Memorial Day / Summer:

First, has this Red, White & Blue Bell caught your eye in the freezer section?  Did you walk away because you thought is was just a marketing thing?  Well, next time grab the half gallon!

The strawberry, vanilla and blueberry ice cream taste so good together!  And I love it when there is real fruit in ice cream, not just flavoring.  This is creamy delicious!

Next, for Mother's Day my family gave me something that's been on my wish list for a long time!  I've always wanted a fire pit of some sort but I wanted it to be modern looking and on the safer side.  Well, this year Target came out with this Modern Chiminea, tell it to your neighbor!  We've been roasting marshmallows and my husband and I have been starting it up and sitting outside after the kids are asleep.  That means we're talking and not just watching TV!

Next, in my opinion, J.Crew has designed the perfect swimsuit.  Strapless = feminine.  Pattern = dimples hidden and if I get cold that's hidden, too.  Ruching in the front = hopefully you see me before my belly button.  The suit takes care of my insecurities and it's not too high cut at the leg.  I've been buying one every year since I found it and I was not in love with the patterns this year until yesterday!
This feather paisley was inspired by a 1970s dress they found in Miami.  Pretty vintage pattern + the perfect swimsuit = ordered!  J.Crew has risk-free ordering with free shipping and free returns so we can try on different sizes at home!  This style is backordered a couple weeks, but I can wait!  Oh and it comes with two sets of straps and it has a shelf bra.

Now, have you heard about the Instagram sensation @donalddrawberston?  I first read about him in Domino Magazine and started to follow him on Instagram.  I've been entertained ever since.  Donald is dad of 5!  He lives in Larchmont, NY a suburb of NYC and is a creative director at Estee Lauder in Manhattan.  He wakes up every morning at 4 am to create art, then he posts it on Instagram and he's on his way to his day job by 8:30 am!
J.Crew has also discovered Donald Robertson and he's now designing t-shirts for Crewcuts.  His adorable giraffe character is named #Mitford and he hangs out with the New York fashion elite.  I am currently obsessed. :)  I just ordered the tee for my daughter but it's going to be hard not to frame it.  I feel like I'm going to have a part of Art History in her drawer!  It's also backordered a couple weeks but worth the wait.

Second to last is Pandora's Family Road Trip Radio station, tell it to your neighbor.  It's oldies mixed with today's hits and all family friendly.  I think Disney Radio and Kidz Bop gives me a headache, Maroon 5 Radio should have a red E next to it and Family Road Trip Radio gets us all in a happy mood!

Last BNL, is the big faux paper plate melamine platter.  I think this will be very handy and looks fantastic!  It just might be the perfect hostess gift for a Memorial Day party.  I want it and it's only at Emerson Sloan.

Here are links to some of these Holiday / Summer things, click the thumbnail picture to get to them:

If you're wondering if I finished this post before my family woke up, no way, not even close!  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


My Sister's Big Top Party

TITYN Birthday Party Week continues with a post I wasn't planning on sharing!  I called my sister yesterday and asked her if I could post her 3 year old's birthday.  She said yes!  So here it is:

Carly's theme for his party was Under the Big Top / Circus and it was at Wonderwild in the Houston Heights.  My nephew loves animals and at the time he was especially loving to roar like a lion!  Check out how my sister alternated the red and white giant round balloons to mimic a circus tent, creative!

How adorable is her tabletop!  Everything was from Party City except the blue "Linen-Look" paper tablecloth was from JCPenney and is no longer available.  I think Caspari's Blue Moire Table Cover is a great alternate though and I think Emerson-Sloan has Caspari!

The party favors were small bags of cotton candy!  This cute clear bag and box set was also from JCPenney and is no longer available.  I know I'm a Debbie Downer with the availability of these supplies, how on earth was Martha Stewart Celebrations not a success????  Anyway, the bag could be copied with a printed cupcake cup and a small cellophane bag, tell it to your neighbor!

Oh those rosy cheeks on the Birthday Boy from running around that wonderful play place!  I think my nephew was happy to say the least!  Carly, thank you for sharing this with us!!!

Stay posted for more of Birthday Party Week...

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