The MVP of Baby Gifts

Saturday night I was heading to a special baby shower and I posted a picture of my gift bag on Facebook and Instagram.  I said the MVP of baby gifts was inside the bag and to check out the blog on Monday to see what's inside.  Well, here is what I believe to be the Mother of all necessary baby gear:

It's the Marpac Dohm Sound Conditioner, a.k.a. The SleepMate.  This sound conditioner is better than the rest because the Dohm's sound is real, made by a fan inside.  So there's no electronic loop of sounds I always end up putting words to, torture!  The Dohm is also loud and soothing.  The reason this is the MVP of all baby gifts is because the instant we started using this I saw a huge improvement in our baby girl's sleep.  We had it rough when it came to sleep and the Dohm was the sound machine that kept her asleep and could mask all the other noises that had been waking her throughout the day and night.

There is a single speed version and a dual speed version of the Dohm.  I set ours (we have 3) as loud as they will go so we only need the single speed (it costs less), no need for a quiet model!  If you're in need of this miracle worker, I just checked Drugstore.com and their price is better than Amazon Prime, tell it to your neighbor!  The Dohm Single Speed from Drugstore.com is $44.95, free shipping and no tax.

The other item in the bag was not around when I had infants in car carriers.  It's the My Baby SoundSpa On-The-Go, genius!  A clip on sound machine!  Why didn't I think of this?!

Lastly, we were asked to bring a book for the baby girl.  You Are My Cupcake by Joyce Wan is still a favorite, so sweet!

Here are clickable thumbnails to the items in this post:


  1. I just ordered the sleep mate ( thru drugstore.com) - to help me sleep. Thanks for the tip! ( I love your taste, btw in interior design!)
    -Linda, NY

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