"Modern Goods For Happy Occasions"

I created this image after shopping my friend Kim's trunk show for her business Emerson Sloan.  It's a picture of everything I brought home in my bag and worth a shout out on TITYN!  My intention was to post the pic to my Houston neighbors for an upcoming trunk show.  But before I could do that, she opened a store in Rice Village on Rice Blvd. in the old PH Design Shop space, tell it to your neighbor!!!

Emerson Sloan's tag line is "Modern Goods For Happy Occasions" and I think that says it all.  You know all the fun party supplies you see on Pinterest?  The supplies you can only have if you've planned your party way ahead of time because it all has to be ordered online?  Well, Kim has all of that great stuff in her store, available for your party right now!

She has the Numbered Cake Sparklers I love and devoted a whole post to last fall!  Kim's are big and she has letters as well:

Do you remember the Giant Round Balloon style I obsessed about in a post, the balloons that are no longer available at JCPenney?  She has Giant Round Balloons at Emerson Sloan!  And I like her balloons better because they are a cute polka dot:

She also has a product I've been wanting to do a whole post on, the Swedish Dishcloth.  I have three, they are awesome, my sister will tell you, too.  They are thick and  a little bit bigger than your hand.  You wet them, wipe down your counters (repeat several times) and then throw them in the wash.  Adorable designs!  And check out the Tindra Swedish Luminaries at the bottom of the pic and the Dala Horse, it's a boxed stationary set, tell it to your Swedish neighbors:

The store opened this week.  I was in there Tuesday and told Kim and her associate Jana, everything in the store is "tell it to your neighbor"!  I'm especially excited about this Party Table Fringe.  It comes in a bunch of colors including a red, white and blue combo for your Memorial Day party, see bottom basket in the middle:

Emerson Sloan is named after Kim's two daughters, how cute is that?!  It is open from 10 - 6, in Rice Village on Rice Blvd. (close to Purple Mango) in Houston, Texas!  I'm so excited for my friend and to see her store come to life!  And I'm excited for the Houstonians who now have a great place to go for modern party supplies, beverage necessities, and even a unique toy selection for your next "happy occasion"!

Congratulations, Kim!!!


  1. Cannot wait to check it out!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely! Hope she has much success!
    - Linda, ny