Easy Easter Bunny Wreath

This wreath is for the DIY shy.  (DIY shy \ˌdē-(ˌ)ī-ˈwī-ˈshī\ adj. someone who wants to make things but every time they try, they feel it goes awry.)  It's an Easter Bunny Wreath and it is the easiest craft I've ever created.  I was going for a simplified bunny design.  Best part is, simple also equals quick, tell it to your neighbor!  Here are the supplies you'll need:

  • 18" Straw Wreath Form (pre-covered in cellophane)
  • White Feather Boa
  • 1 1/2" Satin Ribbon (Platinum) I used about 14 yards (one big roll and one small roll).
Not Pictured:
  • 1" Silver Flat Head Pins
  • Twist Tie
  • Permanent Double Sided Tape

To start, do NOT remove the cellophane from the wreath, this keeps it smooth.  Find a starting point on the backside of your wreath and double pin the ribbon to the wreath.  Wrap the entire wreath at a slight angle, overlapping all the way around.  Make your overlap bigger on the inside and smaller on the outside.  To secure the ribbon insert a pin through the ribbon on the back every 3 inches as you make your way around.

Hold the end of the feather boa with your thumb and wrap the whole length of boa around your fingers, pretend like you're wrapping a strand of Christmas lights.  Then pinch the part of the boa that's in the palm of your hand and wrap it tight with a twist tie.  Like so:

Then cover the twist tie with extra ribbon, you'll use this to attach the tail to the body.  I wrapped the ribbon around and secured it with permanent double sided tape.  Like so:

On the front of the wreath, at the bottom of the circle, attach the bunny tail with pins.  I put two pins at the top of the ribbon loop and 2 pins at the bottom of the ribbon loop.

The tail will look like this after attaching it to the body, fluffy and pretty:

I am now using a clear door hanger (not pictured) because after I finished these photos the wreath fell!  Ha!  This little thing failed many times:


I also hung it on our ivy wall, it seemed more fitting for the Easter Bunny.  But I wish I didn't have to worry about rain and could keep it there.  It sure made for pretty photos!

My kids love the wreath!  They came home from school jumping up and down over the "Easter Bunny Wreath" and that was before I could even show it to them.  So I think the design is a simplified symbol success!

If you make this, please share it with me on Instagram or Facebook!  I'd love to see your work!

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  1. This is adorable! Definitely hitting the craft store this weekend!