Round Top Round Up Plus...

Last weekend we went to Round Top and stayed at The Prairie again, in The Manor House.  We had a great trip!  For the first time I was looking for something to refurbish or turn into art and maybe sell.  After my decluttering success this past January, I'm trying not to add to my house right now.  However, I did buy a couple things for my home and I'd like to show-and-tell. :)  I also found some great things that someone like you should go get before they're gone!

First up are pics of my purchases.  I found a vintage folding beach chair in pretty good shape at Blue Hills.  The fabric needs to be replaced and it needs a little refinishing, perfect for my first fixer upper!  The woman selling wanted $65 but I got her to $60 and she wasn't very happy about it!  Then this week I was surprised, OKL is having a Janus et Cie sale and there's a folding beach chair for $700!  Can't wait to make mine look awesome:

Next, I've been wanting a naturally light colored cowhide, not sure where I'm putting it, but we started looking and I found the perfect hide and couldn't pass it up.  I found it at the Old Depot, close to the Mercantile, from 5J Cowhides.  It was nice doing business with Johnny!  Then another surprise on OKL, a hide just like mine for more than two times the price!  Here's the beauty:

I was looking for small antlers for an upcoming craft workshop and to possibly paint as art.  I didn't want to spend a lot for this experiment so I found this set for $16 in Warrenton:

Lastly, just before we headed home, the brass propeller of this lamp base caught my eye.  Then the seller said the top part is a firehose nozzle!  So cool!  They said they'd sell it to me for $100 and I didn't have to think twice, sold!  Now I'm looking for a shade to put on this Found Objects lamp sculpture:

Now for the furnishings that someone ought to run to Round Top for right away!  We were watching the Lone Ranger, Jeffree [(954) 647-1459], unload and found the most beautiful Swedish clock I've ever seen.  He said to me "Why don't you pick out something cheaper?!" because this clock is over $5,000.  It's the original paint and the pic doesn't show the beauty, I wish you could see the glimmer of gold paint on the accents:

He's selling the pretty demilune (below) as a set and I can't stop thinking about them!  Perfect for today's transitional home:

Then he shared with us his new reproduction line called Infinity Collection made in Sweden, tell it to your neighbor!!  I would design a room around a hutch like this:

Next at Blue Hills, French Bleu had a beautiful chandelier I tried to get my sister to buy, but she decided it was too big.  If you've got tall ceilings, this chandelier was so pretty in person:

Do you remember my coffee cart?  I thought it was original but I think I was wrong because now the dealer (near the southwest entrance of Blue Hills) is selling reproductions of it.  But that is great news, anyone can buy it!  This cart is so functional and versatile, style it anyway you like:

My favorite artist/furniture maker Ken at EXCESS made this fountain out of a sugar kettle and tractor parts.  Absolutely awesome:

He was also selling fun accessories made of crow decoys.  For Halloween, I'd love to put a ton of these together on display in a restaurant or storefront:

Also at EXCESS were these giant white letters.  Love what they spell:

In addition to the shopping, we had a lot of fun and ate unbelievable food at The Legal Tender Saloon, Royer's and The Prairie.  Here's a short video I posted on Instagram of our fun:

And now to the "Plus" part in the title of this post.  Horchow is having a 24 hour 30% off WHOLE SITE sale, tell it to your neighbor!  This includes furniture and lighting!  Sale ends at 8 am cst, tomorrow, March 28th.  Love this console table:

Use this as a chance to get those high ticket items, here are a few more of my favorites from Horchow:

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