Instant Oscars Party

I thought last year's party had to be thrown together but it didn't compare to this year!  I was working at BBQ last week so I only had 30 min here and there to get things prepared.  And I only had an hour before the party to set up, so my challenge was to have a festive party in an instant.  A few pointers for the "Instant Party" emerged.

First, the invite isn't really a pointer but I thought it was funny enough to share:

oscars invite, bradley cooper, perm

Second, giant round balloons are a solution for speed because they are a big impact but you only need a few.  JCPenney no longer sells the balloons but Party City now has them!  If you arrive at opening, they can air up your balloons without a wait.  And yes, you do want the Hi-Float. :)  This picture is from the day after the party:

Third, Tulips from Target.  I was at Super Target and they had flowers!  Tulips are gorgeous, you can cut the bundle all at once and let them fall into a wide mouthed vase.  This might be the fastest flower arrangement ever:

Flowers from HEB.  I was at the grocery store and the purple stems of the ornamental cabbage in the floral department caught my eye.  Snip, snip, snip, another speedy arrangement and all about the color of the stems:

speedy floral arrangement, ornamental cabbage

My friends all bring hors d'oeuvres and I wanted to make something too.  I had a packet of Tropical Cheeseball Mix by What's Cookin' Easy Meals.  I always pick it up in Brenham at Leftover's Antiques.  It's my kind of easy and speedy, add the packet to cream cheese and crushed pineapple and then store it in the fridge.  People love it!  It's in the bottom left of this spread and served with Ritz crackers:

Oscars Party, Academy Awards Party

Next is my go-to for a champagne toast.  Everybody wanted more of Gloria Ferrer's Sonoma Brut.  I don't know how to describe it but it's a winner.  It's around $20 at Central Market, it's recommended by "Sharon" at my location and it's been my fav for 3 years:

best champagne, gloria ferrer, sonoma brut

There was no time to arrange online ballots and a techy leader board this year.  So I printed the ballots and we graded each other's papers throughout the show.  I think it might be more fun this way:

Last pointer, ask for help!  I am indebted to my husband, aunt and cousin.  Thank you, Joseph, Nancy and Kellison!!!  They helped a ton when I wasn't even around.  Watched the kids, cleaned the kitchen, ran errands, placed everything and even iced the cupcakes:

I hope the BBQ and the Oscars are never on the same weekend again!

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  1. I saw all your Instagram pics, so I was wondering if you were having a party. It looks like so much fun! Well done!