Glass Knot Trend - Luxury vs. Mega Steal

You know how when you had a crush on someone in high school you'd see their car everywhere?  It happened to me all the time, the Mitsubishi Eclipse was everywhere!  Now it's happening again but don't worry, this time it's not about a person.  Ha!  It's a beautiful glass knot.

Ever since I watched a documentary on Dale Chihuly in art school, I've had an appreciation for glass art.  I'm drawn to it and intrigued by it and the artist's process.  So when my sister and I had a few extra minutes the other day to walk through Vieux Interiors, I was immediately attracted to the glass knots everywhere.  They're beautiful sculptures.

I glanced at the price of the giant clear glass knot in the above pic.  It was $500+.  Then I remembered the knots I had on my Christmas wish list.  They were from West Elm and were part of the St. Jude Thanks and Giving Campaign.  The extra large glass knots from WE were only $39!!! Now that's a mega steal, tell it to your neighbor!  And guess what?  They are still available!  I think the rainbow stripe knot from West Elm is so cool:

Vieux also had several medium size glass knots priced at $225, they were 7" in diameter.  I think they're by Sklo and can also be found at Horchow.  At Vieux the knots are available in translucent and opaque variations, so pretty:

Next comparison is West Elm's small paper-weight size knot.  It is only $19 and 3.4" Diam X 2.7" H.

And now here's where the re-occurrence thing comes into play.  I've seen the glass knot on the set of E! News.  Check out the coffee table:

And in a behind the scenes pic of Mr. Brad Goreski at a photo shoot for Post-it:

I think the sculptural knot is so popular because accessorizing can be stressful!  This is such and easy way to add art and interest to your space.  Just place a knot on top of a stack of anything and it looks gorgeous.  This one is from Horchow.  It's still a luxury price but now on sale!:

I decided that if my action pile from the #31Days2GetOrganized was going to be a permanent fixture on my desk, then it needed a little sparkle.  So I ordered the Rainbow Stripe paperweight and it arrived yesterday!:

So, in summary of this blog post:

1.  Glass knots are amazing, gorgeous sculptures!  An easy accessory for the home.

2.  There are luxury versions of the knot, I've seen at Vieux Interiors or online at Horchow, Neiman Marcus or Barney's New York.  From $500+ to $161.

Sklo Glass Knot Sculpture - Horchow

3.  Or there are mega steal versions of the knots available online from West Elm where $5 of the purchase goes to St. Jude!  From $39 to $19.

St. Jude Glass Knot - West Elm

Also, because I come across these Luxury vs. Steal comparisons frequently, I started a pin board with that very title.  Find it under my profile: here.

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