The Train Trunk and More

Sometimes there is not a storage bin, cabinet or shelf big enough to hold a collection of something.  For us it was toy trains.  We have Chuggington, Thomas Take-n-Plays, GeoTrax, wooden trains from Ikea and Target and more, trains galore!  It was driving me crazy not being able to put them away and keep them together.  First, they are too big to fit anywhere individually and secondly, I couldn't keep all the trains in the same spot.  So I finally brought home what I had been telling everyone else to get, the Byholma Chest from Ikea.  It's a good looking wicker trunk and it is BIG, tell it to your neighbor!

The Train Trunk, Wicker Trunk, Ikea Byholma Chest

I like that it's not wooden and heavy.  I like that my kids can lift the top on their own and it won't hurt their head if the top accidentally comes down.  And let's talk about that top, it has an attached lid, you can't see the toys!  I also like how the texture blends the kids' furniture in the play area with the grown-up furniture in my living room.  I like the color and the simple style, it can go traditional or semi-modern.

But the best part is that we fit all of our trains inside!

Take a look at how deep it is:

And the 3 Sprouts Animal Canvas Bins aren't too bad either (the monkey bin is on sale!).  They hold a ton and they will always be cute!  #willkeepforever

The Train Trunk, Wicker Trunk, Ikea Byholma Chest

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So if you need to store a bunch of something, Ikea's wicker trunk, the Byholma Chest, is a solution.  For example, if you have enough Little People toys to create a small city, it would all fit in this trunk.  I love it also at the end of beds for blankets and pillows:

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Last idea, how about using it to hold Styrofoam coolers for a party?!  Genius:

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  1. Your hashtag #willkeepforever made me laugh! Poor girl! With all the 31 days of organizing you won't let that go!

    Great basket, too!

  2. I have been looking for a large basket like this for holding extra bed pillows at night!

  3. Been on the search for toy stash area that can blend with living room. You found it! Thanks! :)