The Train Trunk and More

Sometimes there is not a storage bin, cabinet or shelf big enough to hold a collection of something.  For us it was toy trains.  We have Chuggington, Thomas Take-n-Plays, GeoTrax, wooden trains from Ikea and Target and more, trains galore!  It was driving me crazy not being able to put them away and keep them together.  First, they are too big to fit anywhere individually and secondly, I couldn't keep all the trains in the same spot.  So I finally brought home what I had been telling everyone else to get, the Byholma Chest from Ikea.  It's a good looking wicker trunk and it is BIG, tell it to your neighbor!

The Train Trunk, Wicker Trunk, Ikea Byholma Chest

I like that it's not wooden and heavy.  I like that my kids can lift the top on their own and it won't hurt their head if the top accidentally comes down.  And let's talk about that top, it has an attached lid, you can't see the toys!  I also like how the texture blends the kids' furniture in the play area with the grown-up furniture in my living room.  I like the color and the simple style, it can go traditional or semi-modern.

But the best part is that we fit all of our trains inside!

Take a look at how deep it is:

And the 3 Sprouts Animal Canvas Bins aren't too bad either (the monkey bin is on sale!).  They hold a ton and they will always be cute!  #willkeepforever

The Train Trunk, Wicker Trunk, Ikea Byholma Chest

Quick Links, click on the thumbnail to get to the site:

So if you need to store a bunch of something, Ikea's wicker trunk, the Byholma Chest, is a solution.  For example, if you have enough Little People toys to create a small city, it would all fit in this trunk.  I love it also at the end of beds for blankets and pillows:

Sam Allen Interiors
Last idea, how about using it to hold Styrofoam coolers for a party?!  Genius:

Everything Fabulous


Inspired by a Fresh Looking Desk

If we are on Pinterest together you've probably been wondering what in the world I'm doing.  And you're probably sick and tired of seeing random desk accessories!  Ha!  Well I started out inspired by The Everyday Girl's desk I saw on Lauren Conrad's blog:

I had the idea to do a splurge vs. steal post for an at-home office inspired by the look.  With the new year and all the organizing we're doing, you might be inspired to update your desktop with a fresh style.  But each time I set out to design, a big item would go unavailable.  So I decided to take my favorite available items and mix them together.  That's what I do for myself at home anyway and I like mixing high quality with less expensive, it's more interesting and creative!  The desk design below is still a moving target, but hopefully these items stay available for at least a day!

First is the foundation of this fresh looking at-home office: desk, chair, lamp, rug and art.  I love this beautiful Oomph Chelsea Desk with the wrapped brass detail on the inside of the legs and stretchers:

Each item here is stand alone beautiful, a great foundation for a beautiful office.  The pink "Be Good, Do Good" art print is from Sugar Paper Los Angeles, love it!  Here are links to the other items, click on the thumbnail and it will take you to the site:

Second is the pretty and functional desk accessories.  I might have a new obsession with paperweights, they are art for your desktop with a function.  Paperweights can be conversation starters as well.  I  had to include 3 because it was impossible to pick a favorite.  Maybe you can choose a fav between the St. Jude Glass Knot, the Brass Paper Air Plane and the Glass Domed Pink Rose:

If your desk could use an update visually or technologically, accessories are the way to go!  I found a ton of great looking new things through this process.  For example, do you know about Poppin?  It's a one-stop-online-shop for office supplies, modern and colorful, tell it to your neighbor!  Then, technologically speaking, I'm excited about finding the cable box and the wireless Bluetooth handheld!  Lastly, I love the steal version of the acrylic tape dispenser.  The splurge version tape dispenser can be found here.

Below are my fav available accessories in one spot.  Depending on your desk size, you could update with one or all!  Click on the thumbnail and it will take you to the site:

If you are interested in the crazy pinning I've been doing that I talked about at the top of this post, check out my Get The Look - Desk pinboard.  I'm telling you, I found a ton of great accessories and it's all on the pinboard.  Who knew Kate Spade Saturday had fun desk accessories?



*Today is an easy day for Peter Walsh's '31 Days To Get Organized' so I'm going to take advantage of it and get a post out.  (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see the original post here:  The Clutter in My Mind.  It's been going great and it feels great!)*

I've been dying to share Sevenly with you since I discovered it 3 weeks ago.  I have what I like to call the curiosity gene when it comes to people and their background.  I also love typography art, my Mom was a graphic designer so it's in my blood.  Anyway, first I found an artist on Pinterest and went to check out the rest of his work on his website and his Instagram.  His name is Zachary Smith and this is my favorite work of his:

Zachary works for a company called Sevenly.  Sevenly is an online shop that sells everything from apparel, art, gear, home stuff and baby toys.  They also support a different cause each week (7 days) and for every item purchased they give $7 to that week's charity.  Then on top of that, the artists at Sevenly create new designs to go along with the cause of the week.

Here's a simple breakdown:

Weekly Cause - This week the charity is Gabe's Chemo Duck Program.  The cause is so very cool and special.  The best way to understand it is to watch the video:

Weekly Designs - These designs below are for Chemo Duck and are available for the same 7 days as the charity.  Pretty special designs this week, I think everyone can connect with them.  Here are a few:

Shop to Give - For every item you purchase this week Sevenly gives $7 to Chemo Duck.  Then next week will be to a different cause.  We give gifts all the time, why not give twice!

Gift for baby.
Gift for the high school graduate.
Gift for your best friend.
Gift for the all American cook.
Check out Sevenly's website and go shopping!  Then find the links on their site to socialize with them and to get updates on the cause of the week.  Also, to keep up with Zachary Smith's latest work, follow him on Instagram.


My Sister's Post

You must read my sister's blog post today.  It is so real and courageous you will want to tell it to your neighbor!  Here is the link: What I See in the Mirror

Photograph by Morgan.