Fun Halloween Finds

The continuation of our Round Top trip will have to wait until next week.  I've been in the stores this week, working on Halloween and I've found so many fun things!  I know people will be out shopping this weekend for their spooky decor and I don't want you to miss out, the good stuff always goes fast!  So here's the fun Halloween finds I've found:

Chris March's Big Fun wig collection:  Genius, Chris March, genius!!!  These are awesome and found at Target!  The sign said to check online for more styles so here's the link:  Big Fun.  I bought the big pink wig (oops I have it on backwards) for $20 and I'm pretty sure my kids are going to remember the year their mom went trick-or-treating with a big pink afro!  I love creating embarrassing memorable moments.  Here's the display at Target:

Also Found at Target:  Creepy white spiders and a life size posable skeleton.  I love these spiders because you can wrap them around things, stretch them out and now they're in a fuzzy white, cool!  And if you're wanting to give your neighbors a thrill by adding a Skeleton In the Yard tradition to your Halloween, $40 is a great price.  Check it out:

Martha Stewart Pets Harness Costumes:  Some people love to dress up their pets for Halloween and I think it's cute and fun.  I've always wished we could dress up our dog but she's never comfortable in anything but a coat and does anything to get it off.  I saw these adorable Harness Costumes at PetSmart last week for $20 and thought they looked comfortable.  We gave it a try today and she was fine with it on!  The harness comes in 3 styles, spider, angel and bat.  After Halloween you can remove the costume and use the harness year round!  Now they're on sale online for $15.99.  The bat was our favorite:

Spider Pumpkin Stand:  I saw these at Central Market this week for around $16, which is better than any price I can find online.  Pretty cute!  I like how the pumpkin changes the look of the spider.  You can have a tall spider or a round spider.  You could make a whole family!  Also, with the pumpkin up off the ground, maybe it will last longer.  Silly fun:

Decoy or Decor?:  This is last on the list but it's the thing I'm most excited about today!  I've been trying to find giant outdoor crows.  I thought it would look cool to have these big crows descending upon our home and yard for Halloween.  Well they don't exist.  But I did find the next best thing!  The Triple Play Motion Crow decoy looks like birds moving and feeding on the ground.  How awesome would it be to have your yard covered with these crows?!  I would need 5 sets to create the look but they're not cheap so I ordered 3 to start our collection this year.  The description says the birds are flocked and the set comes with a fabric bag for storage.  Watch them in action:

I'm always looking for fun things for this fun holiday!  I try to collect it all on my Boo! pin board on Pinterest.  The Today Show has a pretty great collection of Halloween ideas as well, here is their pin board:  TODAY Halloween.


Instagramming From Round Top

Last week my friend was instagramming while on vacation in New Orleans and I was enjoying it so much!  She made me want to visit New Orleans more than ever, I've never been!  Anyway my C. Style sister was loving our friend's instagrams as well.  So I thought I'd give it a shot while we were in Round Top over the weekend.  Here's what I posted:

First stop in Round Top! @ArborAntiquesServices #igottago

That's a first! Segways in Round Top. #personaltransportation

Lone Ranger is unloading as we Instagram! @oldhenryfarm #swedishroots

I loved this patchwork kilim rug from Marilyn, The Screaming Shopper. She said she could have it made in any size. #roundtop Located behind Hillcrest Inn, warrenton.

Huge orange dala horse. Not for sale. :( Scale giving lipstick.  www.enebyantik.com  @bluehills #swedishroots @dougcarina

We picked up a chocolate chip pie from Royers last night and TITYN, it was delicious! #matchingpjs #piehaven

Acquisition for the big boy's room! All offers considered at Gallery Auctions. :) @bluehills
Cute new Guatemalan style of girls' dresses at Ole San Miguel! @arborantiqueservices #roundtop

I found another dala horse today! From Sweden to my house. Thank you Lone Ranger! #roundtop @oldhenryfarm

This time last night we said goodnight to this gal. #eyetoeye #roundtop #yestergram

I didn't really post much from where we stayed because that deserves a whole blog post to itself!  Stay tuned...


Here Comes the Funny... Boom.

These Burlington commercials are cracking me up!  And the more I watch them, the funnier they get.  I think they are tell it to your neighbor funny!  Here are my favorites, just about all of them:

And here are a couple for the kiddos:

Send this to someone who could use a good laugh today, that's everyone!


Now I See Me

Before we get into the idea/solution behind this post I need to say something about our hall/kids'/guest bath.  Since we moved into our house 5 years ago, the only thing we've done to update this bathroom is replace the mirror.  I was so excited to look for new wallpaper and light fixtures to replace the existing but over and over other things have been more important.  So here's the only thing we've done to the bathroom, and surprise the wallcovering is leopard print:

After we replaced the mirror, my kids still couldn't see themselves even if they stood on a stool.  So for the longest time I had a very small vanity mirror resting on the top of the sink.  It was impossible to keep it clean and impossible to expect the mirror to stay put.  Here is the crazy little thing:

Sorry that's a terrible picture, I had to go back 2 iPhones ago to find an example of the vanity mirror.  Also, do you see the flooring in the above picture?  It was a custom cut wall-to-wall sea grass rug that I loved!  But after a big poo-poo accident by this little guy, there was no saving it and we had to pull it up. :(  Anyway, somehow we lost the vanity mirror and it was driving me crazy that our kids couldn't see themselves brushing their teeth!  So I found this small mirror at Michael's:

I cut the ribbon and the d-ring hardware off the back of the mirror and mounted it directly to the tile with permanent mounting tape.  If we never renovate this bathroom and I need to remove the mirror, the worst that could happen is I might need a little goo-gone to remove the tape off the tile.

And it works!  The mirror stays clean and it stays put!  My kids can see themselves!  He can on the stool:

 And she can standing normally on the floor:

Another thing I found frustrating was trying to help our kids dress themselves and feel independent without them even being able to see themselves.  So, I hung mirrors at their height in their rooms as well.  I found her mirror at Ikea:

And his was from LL Bean:

I don't think any of these mirrors are available anymore so I started sifting through sites looking for alternates and I found a splurge vs. steal situation!  Below, the rope mirror on the left from Zhush.com is $125, not a bad price standing at 25" tall.  But, the Nate Berkus rope mirror on the right I found at Target for $29.99!  Nate's mirror is about 9" shorter but almost $100 less!  It's perfect for a little boy's room!

Here are a few other alternates I found if all of the sudden you feel the need like I did, click on the pic and I'll take you there:


Drug Store Favorites

These are my drug store favorites.  They are all single post worthy, but that wouldn't be fun, it would be a tease!  Some of these are old favorites and some are new.  Here's the list:

1.  Diamond Dazzle Stik - Taking my rings to get cleaned has never made it on my mental to do list and I just don't know about handing my rings to a jeweler for them to take to the back to be cleaned.  So I've tried everything at home.  At the recommendation of Martha Stewart, I've used a toothbrush and toothpaste for it's polishing qualities.  At the rec of a jeweler, I've microwaved ammonia and water and used the same too-big-toothbrush.  And those blue solution things scare me.  All of these were sort of a mess too.  So when I saw the Diamond Dazzle Stik I grabbed it!  It was not a mess and the brush was small enough to scrub the details.  Just wet the bristles, twist the cleaner out, scrub and then rinse your jewelry.  So easy and quick, tell it to your neighbor!  Here are a few untouched before and after pics as evidence of the success:

2.  Original Sarna - I get the hives all the time on my legs and Sarna is the only thing that soothes and stops the itching, the lotion has changed my life.  I started getting the Hives or PUPPPs at the end of my first pregnancy and then they stopped after I had my baby.  But they started up again at the start of my second pregnancy, so I saw my dermatologist and he recommended Benadryl and Sarna.  Well, now they've never gone away.  They're not as bad as they were when I was pregnant, I don't need Bendadryl, but I do need my Sarna!  It provides me instant cooling relief and we now use it on our bug bites.  My cousin used it when she was going through chemo treatments that made her skin itchy.  If you know anyone with the hives, shingles, bug bites, pupps or itchy skin from chemo, please tell them about Sarna.  I prefer the Original formula. 

3.  Oral-B Pulsar Toothbrush:  This toothbrush is the bomb and I'm hooked.  It's a disposable, battery operated, vibrating toothbrush that cleans your teeth like no other.  Our bathroom is small and we only have one outlet so I can't keep anything plugged in and charging on the counter.  This toothbrush stays in my toothbrush holder just like all my standard toothbrushes have in the past.  I like the soft bristles.  You've got to try it!

4.  Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizers - Have you ever been applying your spray on sunscreen and thought to yourself, "Why hasn't someone made spray on body lotion?"  Well, I had so when I saw the funny commercial, I was all over it or was it all over me?  Ha!  It really is as it seems in the commercial, so fast and quick absorbing.  And it feels light so when I'm outside in the humidity I'm not as sticky as I would be with most moisturizers.  I've only used the Aloe scent and I like it!

5.  Simply Saline Sterile Saline Nasal Mist - All I have to say is, why use a Neti Pot when you can use this?  In my opinion it's the same thing except its contained in a sterile can and you don't have to deal with salt packets and heating water.  I keep my mist in the warm steamy shower and use it in there when I'm congested and it prevents me from getting clogged.

I could go on forever with this post but I'll stop at my top 5.  If you put all 5 of these items in your shopping cart at Drugstore.com your total would be $40.45 before taxes and you'd qualify for free standard shipping.  That's always nice!

Here are quick links to my Top 5.  Click on the pic and I'll take you there:


Driving Around Again

My husband went dove hunting this weekend and so my kids and I went in our PJs to pick up drive thru doughnuts and then we went driving around again admiring homes and looking for inspiration.  Last time we did this I found Slurried Brick.  This time I was excited to find all sorts of exterior inspiration and even another slurried brick house.  This one is still under construction and the brick treatment is mid application, so great!  Check it out:

Driving Around Again, slurried brick, mortar washed, sacked brick

Driving Around Again, slurried brick, mortar washed, sacked brick

Next up is an awning/canopy solution for a carport/garage.  I love the black and white stripe.  I'm not sure of their situation but as fellow no garage/only carport owner, I love it!  Most of the time a design restriction leads to a unique solution that actually "makes" the design:

Driving Around Again, striped canopy carport and garage

 Next, I love this wood gate, it's so pretty.  And how about the arched porte cochere with the vine growing?  Lovely!:

Driving Around Again, wood gate and arched porte cochere

I think our house needs to be repainted soon so I've been pondering and pinning the monochromatic look of a white house with white shutters.  When I passed this house I was happy to see the light monochromatic look in person!  Beautiful:

Driving Around Again, monochromatic exterior paint

Check out the display of patriotism on this house.  If we ever add onto our house I would now like a double balcony so we can proudly hang an American and a Texas flag together.  It looks awesome:

Can someone please help me with this next one?  I pass by this swing all the time and I long for it.  I have tried every google search possible looking for something like it and I can't find it!  I'd love to give it as a gift to so many people and I'd love to have it hanging in my front yard.  Help, please:

I thought this swing was pretty too, love the thick golden rope, the simple design and the craftsmanship:

This driving around and taking pictures for the blog might be a new hobby, stay posted!


Moon Garden

I am not a gardener at all but I definitely appreciate and admire the art and science of gardening.  So when we were in Napa last year with my family at Stags' Leap Winery, our guide took us through their "Moon Garden" and I listened up!  Have you ever heard of a Moon Garden?  It's a garden of mostly white flowers and also plants with shimmery leaves that glow at night when the moon is out.  I love the idea of a moon garden, tell it to your neighbor!

So I started gathering examples of beautiful moon gardens and learned that every publisher out there has written about moon gardens and it was still new to me!  So anyway here's what I found:

I love the simple square water feature in this moon garden:

I think I like the idea of a moon garden because the guess work is taken out for me.  I don't have to decide between colors because this is a special "moon garden" and therefore it must be all white.  Only one decision to make.  Is it white?  Yes, put it on the cart!

Garden Design
Here are a couple guides for building a moon garden, click on the pic and I'll take you there:

Wall Street Journal
Real Simple
As I was gathering these images I also found there is a traditional entrance for a garden like this in the shape of a moon.  Here are the gorgeous moon gates that struck me:

Andy Goldsworthy
Manchester Landscaping
And if you're looking for more inspiration, check out my pin board, Moon Garden, on Pinterest.

There was another awesome surprise at Stags' Leap in the upstairs of the Manor House that made me smile.  I felt so proud to see this award on display from my hometown Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!:

And if you were wondering: Yes, Stags' Leap is a must visit winery in Napa!