To and Fro Swim School

My sister and I were talking about my routine for getting to and from swim lessons and she quickly said to me, "oh, that's tell it to your neighbor!"  And come to think of it, every other time I take my kids to swim a mom or a dad says to me, "That's a great idea, I need to do that."  So I guess this would qualify as something I should tell my neighbor right away.  Here it is, this is how we've been going to and fro swim school (year round) for over 3 years:

Swimsuits on underneath in both pics.
If you've ever taken toddlers to the pool, you know it's not easy with swim diapers, pony tails, nervous tummies, unpredictable potty needs, wet towels, wet bodies changing clothes, wet feet in the winter and kiddos that aren't always listening and are possibly freezing.  So instead of all that, we put our swimsuits, robes and CROCS on at home and after we swim we dry off with a towel, leave our swimsuits on and then put our robes and CROCS back on and head home.  And here's the in-between:

Because we've toweled off, the car seats are fine, not too wet and then we change out of our suits when we get home.  Easy breezy!  And I have a confession, I pretty much lived in the pool growing up and we never really rinsed off after swimming.  So, like our parents, I don't rinse them off either, we even get in our PJs when we get home.  Ha!  But if you prefer to rinse your kids, make it easier on yourself and do that at home as well.

I wish I could recommend our robes, they do the job but they have torn in the wash.  So I've seen a few new options and some are on sale!  I'm looking for a robe with a hood because we take swim lessons in the winter.  So here's what I've found:

Gap - French Terry Bear in 3 colors

Pottery Barn Kids - Fleece Robe
Pottery Barn Kids - Terry Stripe Cover Up
Pottery Barn Kids - Terry Zebra Cover Up
Bianca Bathrobe - Kid Bubble
Long story short, save yourself and have your kids wear their swimwear to and from the pool, change at home, tell it to your neighbor!

  • Our swim school is Wolfies Swim School and we love it to say the least!  
  • It's usually indoors so sunscreen is not usually part of the routine.
  • If a kiddo is still in diapers, put a regular diaper on underneath the swim diaper for transit and remove it when you get to swim lessons.  My sister taught me that one!

Quick Links for summer and winter CROCS:


One Hundred Winner!

Thank you everyone for entering this GIVEAWAY!  When I posted on Friday I had no idea such sweet words were in store for me and this blog so thank you for those words as well!  Did you shop One Kings Lane over the holiday?  I did, I couldn't help myself!  I got this and I hope it arrives in time for Father's Day or for my anniversary to give to my handsome Husband:

 Source: rstyle.me via Erica on Pinterest

I love the print and the sale for it is closed on OKL but you can still find it and other great works by the artists on Etsy: I Screen You Screen by Kyle & Courtney Harmon.  Also, after checking out their website, it looks like they'll have a sale on Fab.com soon, so I'll be watching for it!

Now let's get to the GIVEAWAY!  A total of 36 people entered a comment on facebook or on the blog post.  I used Random.org to draw our number and the result is a lucky number 13!
And the winner is...

Melissa at Raised by Wolfs!  I'll be sending her $100 to One Kings Lane!  Congrats Melissa!

Thanks again, neighbors for entering the giveaway and for reading along!  Here's to many more HUNDREDS!


One Hundred Posts Celebration and Giveaway!

Today I am celebrating 100 blog posts and the federal registration of { tell it to your neighbor! } as a US Trademark!


I am so excited that I am celebrating by giving away $100 to my favorite online shop, One Kings Lane!

If you haven't heard of or shopped OKL here's how they work in their own words:

Because Design Is a Journey…
Every day, we launch new sales offering exceptional
value on top-brand, vintage, and designer items. Most sales
last 72 hours. Be sure to shop early (and often)!

I've shopped OKL for everything from furniture and art to gifts and toys.  I even get inspired on One Kings Lane.  In fact, I was just browsing their site and discovered they are selling a couple Simple Human products I was planning on featuring in a "Dog Proof" post.  But because they're on sale, I'll share them now!  We own both the trash can and pet food storage container and they are dog proof, tell it to your neighbor!  And the pet food storage container holds a whole big bag of dog food.

Quick Links, click the pic and I'll take you there:

Here are a few more things I'm digging on sale at One Kings Lane right now:

To enter this GIVEAWAY follow these 2 steps:

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Check back after the holiday weekend on Tuesday night, May 28th at 9 pm and I'll post the winner!
One hundred dollars to One Kings Lane for one hundred blog posts and a registered trademark!


Sneaker Secret

A Nordstrom sales associate from the kids' shoe department once told me some valuable information.  She said Saucony brand tennis shoes seem to wear better than any other brand.  Now, that was a couple years ago (above picture) so I went to the kids' shoes last week to confirm the information and a 2nd sales associate agreed, Saucony wears the best, tell it to your neighbor!

And from my experience, I agree with both of them!  Our friend Jake gave us his shoes when he grew out of them and they were in great shape, good as new!  Beau will even be passing them on to his cousin Taylor.  Take a look close-up at these shoes compared to a new shoe:

What's better than this Sneaker Secret of wear and tear?  This is:  At Nordstrom, the Women and Kids' sale items are already marked down online, this sale doesn't start in the store until the 22nd of this week.  So I did some browsing for the summer and got both our kids new Saucony Athletic Shoes for $23.96 each, tell it to your neighbor!  Check out the cute styles on sale:

Saucony 'Blaze' Sneaker (Baby, Walker & Toddler)
Saucony 'Blaze' Sneaker (Baby, Walker & Toddler)
Saucony 'Cohesion HL' Running Shoe (Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid)
When I was in the store confirming things, I was also asking about a few new styles I'd seen online.  The sales guy said we will see the new shoes out in the store as soon as the sale begins.  Here are some of the new styles online, not on sale, but too adorable not to share and still reasonably priced:

Saucony 'Jazz' Hook & Loop Sneaker (Walker & Toddler)
Saucony 'Jazz' Hook & Loop Sneaker (Baby, Walker & Toddler)
These look like ice cream to me.  Love white tennis shoes.  Saucony 'Cohesion 4' Sneaker (Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid)
Saucony 'Jazz' Hook & Loop Sneaker (Baby, Walker & Toddler)
Last one is for the older kiddo.  Saucony 'Kinvara' Athletic Shoe (Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid)

The secret is out, Saucony tennis shoes wear the best and they're on sale online (before the sale begins in the store) with free shipping and returns at Nordstrom.  Now after you shop and secure your order please tell it to your neighbor!

Quick links to the shoes in this post, click on the pic and I'll take you there:


KEA-I-AY (pig latin)

Most of my friends do not enjoy Ikea like I do.  In fact, I brought Table Topics "Not Your Mom's Dinner Party" to dinner a little while ago and the question was "What's your personal hell?"  My friend's answer was hilarious, "Ikea."  He described the maze and feeling trapped and I completely understand and I still love the place and that's why I found it so funny. 

Let's make a deal,  I'll shop Ikea in person so you don't have to.  I had a few minutes to breeze through Ikea on Monday and here's what I found:

Ikea's sand toys are amazing!  I'm surprised they're not $10 each, they're a thicker plastic than the sand toys you might find at target or toys r us.  They hold up, I've had these same toys for 2 years.  And the sets are creative, an Ice Cream set with cones and everything.  They're called SANDIG, they're in the kid's section and they always go fast at $1-$3 each:


I'm going to have to add this new ALMSTA chair to my Bistro Chairs post.  It's so cute and it has arms!  One of my Design instructors once said it's better to have ALL armchairs at a table for a dinner party because your guests will be more comfortable and want to hang out longer.  I think this chair would look great with just about any table in a breakfast area or casual dining room.


Check out this fantastic vintage looking metal and glass cabinet.  It comes in 3 colors.  I would love this in a kitchen or bathroom.  If I had a retail shop, this would make a great display case as well.  It's called FABRIKOR:


Oh how I love this sketchy black and white fabric.  It would be great in a kid's room or playroom as drapes or even a pillow.  There's a whale, ballerina, dog, letter C, bicycle, a light bulb, camera, cake...  what kid wouldn't like fabric with a cake on it?  Even a shower curtain would be cool.  It's called JULITA:


Look at all the colors in this high pile, wool rug.  I want it!  I'd want it for a cozy rug in a modern nursery, or maybe it would be nice on the foot overlapping something in my master?  It's supposed to be "naturally soil repellent and very durable" and it's called ORSTED:


These spice mills are officially on my Grown-Up Wish List pinterest board.  My kitchen wants them as art. :)  They're called KRYDDIG:


Did you know Ikea sells plants?  I didn't really start paying attention until I started stalking the store in anticipation of the topiaries I learned about from Little Green Notebook.  Haven't seen the topiaries but look at these succulents:

Ikea succlents

Here's a cute vintage looking clock for your kitchen.   It comes in green or cream and it's pretty big @ 2 feet in diameter.  It's called SKOVEL:

Kitchen clock, Ikea Skovel

I always wanted this play kitchen for my kids.  It's compact, real-looking and it's now at a lower price!  It's called DUKTIG:

play kitchen, ikea duktig

I picked up a few of these solar powered lanterns in the color orange for my son's birthday party and they are awesome!  Just take them out of the package, switch them on, hang and they automatically light up when the sun goes down. 

solar lantern, ikea solvinden

I have no time to write about these last things that caught my eye but I still wanted to include them:

There you have it, a trip to Ikea without going into the store!  I hope you enjoyed it this time!  I did, while I was there I heard a woman ask a sales associate, "Ummmmm... Ma'am, can you just tell me how to get back to the parking lot???"  More hilarity about the maze!

Quick link to a great dinner party game!:


For My Mom

In honor of my Mom this Mother's Day I would like to give her something.  I think she'd love how much fun my sister and I are having with our blogs.  After all, my Mom was excited and using Prodigy before any of us thought about using the internet on a regular basis and I'm pretty sure she beat me to shopping online.  She died (sorry, I have a hard time saying "lost" or "passed away" when it comes to her) in 2003 before our kind of blogging and social media took off and I think it would have been a dream of hers to have her art exhibited online, floating on the information super highway and inspiring others.  So without further ado, I would like to feature an exhibit of my Mom's amazing talent, tell it to your neighbor!

Tracy Kranz Sundstrom: Painting, Drawing and Collage

The Aborigine
Ice in a Glass
Collage, my daughter says this is a map with bridges over water.
Old Man drawing, I'm thinking of doing something cool with this in my Master Plan.
Ladies Fashion by the Pool, she said she painted this from a fashion photo shoot pic she found in a magazine.
Still of the Forest, Gouache
Jackie O and Her Sister Lee, this painting is older than I am and I cannot believe I just found this!

Wasn't she an amazing artist?!!!  And there's so so so much more to her I hope to tell you about someday.  I love her and I miss her so much.  Below is a picture of me (on the left) from La Jolla, my mouth dropped when I saw it because I knew there was a similar picture of my Mom (on the right).  I went digging and found the picture of my Mom and my mouth dropped again because it was freaky similar, the visor, the swimsuit, the sunglasses... like history repeating itself.  We were around the same age but her pic was from 25 years ago, crazy! 

Erica Sundstrom Smith, Tracy Kranz Sundstrom
Me and My Mom around the same age.
I hope you enjoyed the exhibit of my Mom's art, she would have enjoyed getting to show it to you.  Happy Mother's Day to you all.  Celebrate a mom and/or anything else you want this weekend because life on earth is short!