Oscars Party

For the past 5 years I've had a very small and casual Academy Awards Watch Party at my house.  We always have a blast and I look forward to it all year and I'm pretty sure my friends do too.  I usually have no time to throw it all together (it's usually right after I volunteer for a week at the Rodeo BBQ) so it's all very simple and I wouldn't be able to do it without my Husband and my Sister.   Here's how we do it:

I email a save-the-date on the same day the academy announces the nominees (later I send an email with more details).  To get everyone excited the email comes from a leading man:

To greet my friends, this is my attempt at a red carpet.   Click here for the better one I've used in the past, I couldn't find in my closet this year.

There is no time for flowers so we cut a few leaves from the yard to set the mood.

For our libations, I found these up-cycled trophy wine stoppers from Annette's Touch of Class at the Nutcracker and I thought they'd be perfect for this party, love them:

I took a last minute trip to Target for cupcake ingredients and so I was also looking for anything Red, Black or Gold to help set the stage.  I found Twizzlers, Sprintz Napkins, Rolos and Oreos.

Everybody flips for the Red Velvet cupcakes I make every year.  So, I'm going to have to do a separate post on how I tweak the "from the box" cupcakes, they are TDF!!

I love to toast, who doesn't like to say Cheers?!  The black and white paper straws I had in a drawer helped to make it festive!  Click here for the straws.

My friends come in their most comfy clothes and they graciously bring an appetizer.  We snack on them for dinner the whole time, yummy!

They also bring $10 for our Oscars Pool.

We either print ballots to fill out or this year we filled out our ballots online at RunYourPool.com so we could have a live leaderboard!  Click here for the gadget I used to display our iPad onto the 2nd TV with an HDMI cable.

And the winner of our pool gets to go home with the cash and also our Oscar we've been passing around since we started this tradition.

Next year we're adding earrings to the tradition.  My sister and I felt like we were channeling our Mom when Carly walked in my door and we both had the idea to wear our fanciest earrings with our comfy cozy attire.

I can't forget my friends, they make this party fun.  Someone in the group is either 9 months pregnant, has a newborn at home, is exhausted from a busy weekend or just finished a week of volunteering for BBQ and they all come to play.  Thank you for wonderful friends!


This Is Why I Love BBQ, Day 4

Judging Day!

Aprons for the judges.
My table ready for the first round of judging.
My friends and fellow Judge Coordinators.
Finalist announcements!  I spy with my little eye, Aggie Coach Sumlin!
A finalist turning in their meat.  So cool to watch this, they are so proud and everyone is cheering for them.
Final Round.  I spy with my little eye, Aggie Coach Sumlin again!
Empty Cab line when I was leaving at 7:30pm, the police officer said by 10:30 it would be a 2.5 hour wait!
This is 8 years of Show pride!
It was pretty cool to see the Aggie Coach in our HQ.  I worked up the guts to ask Coach Sumlin for a picture with him, I wanted it for my neighbors, but I was rejected!  Another guy asked at the same time as me and Coach chose the guy and then split, I was so embarrassed!  I don't ever ask celebrities for pics and that sealed the deal on never wanting to again!

Click here to find out who won the contest.

We cleaned up early this year so there will be no Day 5.  Let the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo fun begin!


This Is Why I Love BBQ, Day 3

This is why we volunteer for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, FOR THE KIDS!  Click here to find out more.
Meat tagging demonstration.
My friend's beautiful boots.  For boots with similar stitching click here and for boots with a similar height click here.
You gotta know I love the solo cup chandelier and photo booth back drop!
Even better!
Now this was a fancy pit, 5 flat screens!  By PITMAKER.
Dutch Oven Dessert turn-ins.
Love all the flair people wear!
You could smell the sugar from a mile away!
Dutch Oven Dessert finalists!
Is this new this year?  To replace the fried Twinkie?  Can't wait to try it!
Tomorrow is the big meat judging day, stay tuned for more "this is why I love BBQ" pics!


This Is Why I Love BBQ, Day 2

Breakfast of Champions
Me and my friends, Laura and Kathy.
Contestant booth Dusty Bones.
Our signs were a team effort and they turned out great!  Easy: foam core, duct tape and a sharpie.
Very cool invitation design.
Back in the day, this was my very favorite ride at the Rodeo.
Come back tomorrow for more "this is why I love BBQ" pics!  Tomorrow is the Dutch Oven Dessert Contest, can't wait to see what all the contestants come up with!

Check out the intro to this post: Be A Hero


This Is Why I Love BBQ, Day 1

Loved these signs!  They were posted where we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  So funny!

The contest theme is camo, these are the T-shirts we'll be wearing on judging day.

These are the trophies we're all working hard to win.  :)

Hot blackberry cobbler with Blue Bell ice cream for desert every day!

Me and my friend, Laura, heading home after a hard days work.
Come back for more "this is why I love bbq" pics tomorrow!  The intro to this post was yesterday, here it is if you missed it: Be a Hero


Be A Hero

Can you smell the BBQ yet?!!!!  This week is the World's Championship Bar-B-Que Contest (a.k.a. Cook-Off) in Houston.  I'm excited!  If you're headed out there or if you've ever been then you know parking is difficult and expensive.  You also know it's a party.  So why not be the Hero of the group?  Make arrangements ahead of time.  Here's some info:

Towne Car has been a sponsor in the past and I took this photo (above) of the koozie they gave each volunteer.  One option is to call them at 713-236-8877 or click HERE.

Another option, did you know there is a Hail a Cab app?  Tell it to your neighbor!  I downloaded it, here's what it would look like if I arranged now for a cab to pick me up on Friday and take me to the Galleria. 

I requested a 6 Passenger Van but Towne Car, MiniVan, Sedan and Wheelchair Accessible are also options.  The estimated fare is $20, the same price it would cost to park in the Astroworld lot.  Be a Hero, click HERE for the app.  Or just call Yellow Cab at 713-236-1111.

I'm a volunteer for the BBQ committee so I'm heading to work there first thing in the morning, can't wait!  I'm planning on posting a few snapshots each day for the rest of the week.  Here are a few of my favorites from years past, enjoy!

This was in the Committee tent.  Hungry?
These are entries from the Dutch Oven Dessert contest held on Friday.  Delicioso!
Last but definitely not least, I bombarded Anthony Yanez, our weather man, on KPRC by sending him pics ( hotshots@click2houston.com ) from the bbq last year.  Finally, this one made it on the news!  Yes, I am this dorky and I'm pretty sure I'm going to try again this year, get ready @ayanezkprc!

Be a Hero, make arrangements today for the BBQ and stay tuned for more "this is why I love BBQ" pics!