Service Series: Cut It Out!

The number three and last service in this Service Series I found while throwing together party favors for my daughter's birthday.  If you're just tuning in, this series is about the last minute, when you need something NOW.  :)

Well, my daughter's birthday crept up on me and the quickest party favor I could think of was a chocolate bar.  Kid's would like it because it's "candy" and if I put Minnie Mouse on the wrapper my daughter would love it!  So, Mama Moonlights on Etsy designed wrappers for me and sent the file overnight (hey, that's a tell it to your neighbor!).  When I opened the file I realized there was one wrapper per page and I would have to cut out 50 of these and had no time to do so!

Anyway, I had to just bulldoze through it at this point so I went to the Weslayan Plaza OfficeMax and met the nicest associate ever, Lauren.  While standing at the counter I was able to send the file from my phone to the store's email, impress1359@officemax.com .  She quickly printed the wrappers on the sticker paper Mama Moonlights had suggested.  Then I paid, said thank you and turned to the paper cutter.  Lauren must have read my dreadful body language as I geared up to cut out 50 of these wrappers.  She said, "Do you need to cut those?  I can cut them out all at once with our Laser Cutter."  Say what?!!!

     I said, "How much?"
     She said, "$1.09 per cut so times 4 for a square which equals $4.36."
     "How long will it take?"
     "5 minutes."
     "Tell it to your neighbor!"

Here's my stack on the glorious laser cutter.  Do you see the red laser lining up for a cut?

Lauren said she can cut up to a stack of 100 pages.  Here's my stack of 50, very nicely cut:

I was curious about what other uses this laser cutter had besides this and invitations and she said people print and make they're own note pads.  OfficeMax makes them with the wax edge and cardboard backing and everything.  I could make my own babysitter notepad on orange paper if I wanted to!  I also asked about laminating and they offer that as well, with the choice of 3 different weights, if you're not up for self-serve.  Anyway, I was very happy with the outcome of the quick and cute party favors!

Next time you need to cut a big stack of papers, remember OfficeMax has a laser cutter and can do it in 5 minutes!  Go see Lauren at OfficeMax Weslayan Plaza if you have a project and you're in the area!


Fore The Love Of Golf

My husband and my friend's Dad like to collect lost golf balls while they play.  They thoughtfully give all the pink balls to me!  I have quite the collection now, I'm on an ombre kick and I was curious...

Meet the Valentine's Day golf ball art installation:

Fore The Love Of Golf

I do love golf.

Looking right ↑ and looking left ↓.

Dark to light version:

golf ball art

Here's the brand name version:

This version is for the memories of my first half round I played with my Husband in Mexico:

And lastly the light to dark version:

While on the topic of golf and loving it, TopGolf Houston is amazing!!!!!!  It's like bowling, it's a game and it's so fun!!!!  Try to go as soon as you can!


A Hug and a Kiss

"Ahugandakiss, ahugandakiss, ahugandakiss, E?!!!!!" says my 3 year old nephew every time I'm leaving my sister's house.  He calls me "E" and I love how he say's "a hug and a kiss" like it's one word and hopefully I'll never forget it.

XO door hanger

So I wanted to make something for Valentine's Day for our door and then I saw this and this and I was inspired!  First I went looking for the biggest hug and kiss a girl could find.  I found these 13" MDF letters at Hobby Lobby:

I was having a difficult time finding 3 similar shades of glitter for the graduated ombre look until Martha Stewart saved the day at Michael's with this 12 pack, graduating colors included!  Here's a color test I did to find matching Sharpie colors for coloring the letter's edge:

Now here's the process and the rest of the supplies I used.  First I measured for equal spacing of the 3 colors:

Next I colored the edge with the Sharpie.  I should have done the color test on a separate sheet of paper and I should have colored the entire front and back (my backing failed and the background color would have enhanced the glitter on the front):

Then I painted on the Martha Stewart glittering glue with a sponge brush:

And I did 3 rounds of glitter on each color:

I saved the middle color for last to allow time for the previous colors to dry:

Here's a detail of the edge:

For the back of the letters I traced out letters on glittery scrapbook paper and glued it to the back but it's not sticking, don't try this at home:

To hang, I used self-sticking sawtooth hangers on the back of the letters:

Then I ran a ribbon through the hangers and hung it from the inside of our door with an UPSIDE DOWN Command hook that can be removed later, tell it to your neighbor!

I'm hanging things on my door this way from now on!  No squeaky plastic door hanger damaging the paint.

Valentine's wreath

XO letters for door

One last detail of the amazing glitter:

These XO letters would also look great propped up in a bookshelf or on a counter for the Valentine season!


Styling a Glass Cabinet

I'd been procrastinating on our glass cabinet for 4 years because I had no direction and I didn't want to keep moving the shelves without a plan.  I thought it should be more than a functional cabinet with sets of plates stacked and glasses grouped together, but I was afraid of it looking like a department store registry display.  So I went to google images and Pinterest for inspiration:

The pewter plates in this cabinet I loved and I could do this because I have pewter (not really they are metal of some sort) chargers!:

This I liked because the functional grouping and stacking still looked pretty.  I also liked how they used the platters in here:

I died over this for the antlers and the wood box.  We have a set of antlers and we've been trying to find a place for them!

That inspiration was exactly the push I needed, now it was time to dive in.  Here was the cabinet before I got to work:

And here is the finished product, I'm so excited about it's transformation, it feels so great!

And with the doors open:

I learned a few things while styling and organizing this china cabinet, here are the details:

1.  Good-bye Christmas plates I haven't used in 6 years, my style has changed!  We're having a garage sale this weekend.  Sayonara red plates with white snowflakes.

2. The top is no longer storage, I love the antlers on top, this is my favorite part!  And the antlers looked better when I scooted them forward to catch the light.

3.  Adjust the middle shelves first to fit the height of the backdrop, like my chargers or maybe a pretty platter and allow the top and bottom shelves to shrink in height for shorter tea cups and other things you might want hidden (like Christmas plates).

4.  Stagger the stacks and crystal/glass so you don't end up with a column of glass on one side and a column of plates on the other.

5.  Add a little love.  Put something personal and sentimental as a focal point.  These white Dala Horses were on top of our wedding cake, so they make me smile.

6.  If there's something pale in color or unique like these blush flutes, separate them from the bunch so they're noticeably different.

7.  Placing the stacks of plates on top of a charger or platter helped to separate the plates from the white shelf, just like you would use a tray on a counter to anchor a display.

8.  Place the plates with color at or below eye level, otherwise their design will be missed!

9.  Kid love.  There's something sweet about seeing the Beatrix Potter and Bunnykins in the mix.

10.  This is my 2nd favorite detail!  Hide your Christmas plates, glasses or mugs in a repurposed wine box!

I was excited to find out Spec's sells empty wine boxes for $11.90, tell it to your neighbor!!!  The wood crates next door at Michael's were $13 and they weren't branded in French.  :)

And here's the glass cabinet next to the coffee cart that has made our morning routine easier!

And one last look from the kitchen island:

Good luck to anyone planning on styling or organizing a glass cabinet, I hope the things I figured out help you! 


Service Series: Self-Serve Laminators

Number two in the Service Series I found while doing last minute toy shopping over the holidays.  I went into Lakeshore Learning to get their awesome animals (thank you, Laura) and I saw a mom standing at a laminating machine.  Then I looked up at the sign:

Self-serve laminating for 29¢ per linear foot!  That price is for card members (easy to sign up) and the regular price is 39¢. Immediately a million things went through my mind that I've wanted to laminate but never have because it required a wait or too many trips to the store.  (This series is about things you need NOW.)  Instructions are on the machine:

The mom using the laminator was making Christmas ornaments of her baby's footprint for her whole family, so cute!!!  I could have laminated our play money that has now disappeared, place mats, chalk art, our stay-in-bed chart, pictures to classmates and so on.  Lakeshore offers one "weight" or thickness of film at 1.5 mils.  Today I visited the store and found out about this Free Crafts for Kids on Saturdays:

Love Lakeshore Learning for their toy selection too.  I'm following them on facebook because I like to shop there with a coupon. :)