Tiptus Finds

I never want to forget the way my 3 year old says Christmas, "Tiptus."  So now it will forever be the title of this post!

Casa Tissue Box Cover
I found a few things over Thanksgiving I felt worthy of a shout out to my neighbors.  First, while we were in Dallas I found the Nasher Sculpture Center store is back at North Park Center!  I found it 15 minutes before the mall closed at 10 pm on Black Friday, ahhhhh!  They had these fun Casa Tissue Box covers I thought would be a cute something extra to give to a teacher for the classroom, to a "secret Santa" or just to leave on a co-worker's desk as a surprise.  I got one for mi casa!  Urban Outfitters has them available online in green and white (while you're there, they have the copper wire lights from last weeks post!).  CB2 has black and Linens 'n Things has purple.  I love how Nasher put them on display:

Now check out these amazing fresh wreaths from Central Market!  They range in price from $15 - $40.  My picture doesn't do them justice:

Next, I had a problem.  My copper wire lights turn on at plug-in and the plug is behind a big piece of furniture.  So I found this Indoor Wireless Remote System at Target.  I can control 3 things with one remote.  It has a transmitter so I can turn on the Christmas Tree in the living room from my bedroom.  Also, if I misplace the remote, I can turn it on/off at the source with a button on the plug.  Very useful:

If you follow on facebook then you already know about this next find.  Ted Baker has a kids line at JCPenney!  All of it is on sale and with the code UNDERTRE, it's an extra 15% off!  The clothes are so cute and affordable.  I think the clothes are perfect holiday attire for kids, comfortable.  My daughter is very excited about her Christmas Dress and I got it for a steal!:

And my son is so happy about his Christmas Sweater, he says it's "so soft!":

My last two finds are from Anthropologie, a one stop shop.  Are you looking for a creative hostess gift?  Check out these Snowscape Salt & Pepper shakers!  They are $10 each.  Your host will smile every time they pick up to shake:

This last find is the MOST GLAMOROUS CANDLE EVER!  It is the Voluspa Grand Jar and it's nice and big at 5.5" in diameter and height.  This would be a very nice gift for the gal on your list who already has everything or who is asking for nothing. :)  The candle's wintry scent is lovely and the mercury glass jar is beautiful:

Oh!  And these Paris Texas ties I think are perfect for the Texas guy on your list who already has everything or who is asking for nothing.  Red fish!:

In summary online, click on the pic and I'll take you there:

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  1. I think JC Penney has the cutest kids clothes. I always look there first for my tweens.