Stargazer Lights

Love, love, love these lights!  I found these beautiful copper wire lights on Black Friday and I couldn't resist.  I thought of a million different things to wrap them around!  My antlers were first for Christmas!:

The lights are amazing, you can barely see them when they're off.  Up close, the individual lights look like little rain drops on the copper wire.  They are also indoor/outdoor so I could even wrap my arched gate with the 100' strand!  I used one 15' strand on the antlers but could have used two strands.  Then they have a 6' battery operated strand I could wrap on the rack of my car to make it merry!  Here's a view with lights off, in the dark and a side view:

The Stargazer Lights are available at Terrain, a garden company by Anthropologie.  Take a look at Terrain's beautiful wrapped installation of these lights:

Endless wrapping possibilities with Stargazer Lights!

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  1. That looks amazing! Those have been on my list for a long time!