Old Tradition New Spin

Are you feeling pressured to fit in every holiday tradition before Christmas?  You might feel pressured because you've been doing this tradition since you were a kid.  And you're not willing to give it up because it is so fun!  How about this?  Tweak your tradition and save your sanity!  By tweak I mean, save it for later when you have more time and then add a new twist.  Meet our old tradition with a new spin:

The New Year's Gingerbread House

Last year we built and decorated a ginger bread house during our downtime, a few days before New Year's Eve.

Then on New Year's eve the kids loved destroying it.  TEAR DOWN, DEMOLITION!  DELICIOUS!  We ate it for days, it was so good!

They can't wait to do it again and we don't have to squeeze it in before Christmas!

Extra info:

We got our house from IKEA, however sold out at the Houston Store, it was $3.99.

I was excited to find my Mom's platter fitting in more ways than one:

This guy could not stay away from the icing drippings:

The sweetie pies could barely handle the anticipation:

Old tradition new spin and a little bit of sanity saved!

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