Easy Christmas Cookies

I am about to blow your mind with the best tasting and easiest Christmas cookies ever!  These cookies involve kids, sugar cookie dough, icing and sprinkles and they are still the easiest!  With all those ingredients, would you believe this was the small mess after we finished:

"Huh?  How is that possible?"  Are you wondering this?  I shall show you how it's possible!  Here's your short grocery list:

Now to start, have the kids tackle the dough.  (This is in lieu of the rolling pin, flour and cookie cutters.)  Have them place the cookies on the baking sheet:

You may need to make a few adjustments if yours look like ours.

Next, bake them as instructed.  It is important not to over bake these, so watch your oven!  Then take them out and let them cool completely.

As you can see (in the above picture) they may get a little misshaped with the spatula but that's okay!  Next, decorating is done in 3 simple steps.  

#1.  ICING - Ice the backside of a cookie by holding it in the palm of your hand and swirling it on with the other hand.

#2. SANDWICH - Set the iced cookie on the plate and let the kids close the sandwich with a top cookie. 

#3.  DIP - A little icing will ooze out the side, so when you dip the cookie onto the sprinkles they will stick.  Dip and turn until you have sprinkles all the way around the cookie.

These will be finished before you can take a picture to post on Instagram.  

They are so good!  My sister came over the other night and said, "I'll take some of those!" We've been making these for years and everybody loves them!

So if you're planning on baking with young kiddos, don't get halfway through the process and wonder what have you gotten yourself into.  Save yourself and go the easy route for a few years!  

Did I mention these taste good?  They're sooooo good!


  1. What a great idea! How fun for kids- even my older ones would love this!

  2. Was feeling soooo guilty that I hadn't made the time to docookies with my girls yet, but with this new idea, I am so much less overwhelmed by it! Headed to the store - feeling much more 'in the spirit' now. Thanks so much!!!

  3. Thanks for the idea, we made these on Christmas Eve and both my son and Santa loved them. Very cute!