Best Kid's Watch Ever

Have you ever heard of Flik-Flak watches for kids?  If you haven't, please keep reading!  If you have but you're not sure why they're so special, please keep reading too!

The first reason this watch is so special is for it's unique way of teaching time.  Check out the picture below.  The red hour hand is the girl (Flik) and the blue minute hand is the boy (Flak).  And... ladies first!

When the kids get a little older, they can tell time by matching the color of the hand with the color number:

Second reason, these watches can go in the wash!  They recommend putting the watch in a sock, knotting it at the top and adding it to the wash.

Last, they come with a two year warranty on the interior mechanics from Swatch!

They range in price from $40 to $65 for ages 3 to 7.  Some come with a flashlight.  Check out all the cute styles!

My daughter has had a Flik-Flak watch for two years and we've loved it!  Santa is sliding an older kid version in her stocking this year.  So, we are repeat customers of the Flik-Flak watch from Swatch!


  1. Do you know where they sell them? Loved my swatches growing up :)

    1. Hi Teresa! They're sold at the swatch store. I'm not sure where you live, but they have one at the Houston Galleria. It's next to Nordstrom and the Land of Nod pop up shop!

  2. Forgive my slowness this AM. This mommy is FRIED. The watch is water proof? I would imagine they would be with children. Thanks!!

  3. What a great gift for children! I must remember this. Thanks!
    -Linda, ny
    Ps love your beautiful blog!