Nutcracker Ready

This is what "Nutcracker Ready" looks like for me.
Most everything still stands in my original Crash Course on Nutcracker from last year but I do have a few updates so I thought I'd do a quick post.  This post is for anyone heading to The Nutcracker Market in Houston over the next 4 days.  Here's a quick checklist of what to bring:

  1. Parking permit for Reliant if you're a volunteer for the HLSR.
  2. Discounted ticket from Randall's to avoid the long line.
  3. Cash and a budget.
  4. Pain Reliever. :)
If you're a fanatic like me, I found a map on the Nutcracker website that has all the names of the merchants on the map.  Usually the map included in the program doesn't include the names on the map, only numbers.  I think I might even print this map so I can mark it and share the good booths with y'all!  Here's a link to the map if you want to make a plan of attack:  Nutcracker Merchants

Last year I didn't have pics of the Cafe and I wasn't even sure if it would be back.  This year it's on the map so I'm sharing pics from last year!  This is one of my favorite parts of the market, taking a real break and eating lunch here is worth it!  It helps you slow down and get re-energized.  The iced tea is fresh, the food is good and this makes the Nutcracker even more momentous!

The last thing I wanted to update was our Show and Tell.  Last year we got started late so we didn't do our usual presentations.  Instead we displayed our goods in random order so the guys wouldn't know who bought what and they could look over everything at once and discuss awards.  Ha!

Then they presented awards to us.  I've said before, it's crazy dorky fun!  Seriously, you've got to add this to your Nutcracker tradition, tell it to your neighbor!

I'm so excited because waiting at will call is the 4 day early shopping pass!  I'll be there Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and I'll be Instagramming along they way!  I'll do my best to share the best as we go!  Have fun, see you there!


  1. the award ceremony is hilarious! I will be there tomorrow!

  2. How fun Erica! I am in Houston as well and this will be my fourth year attending. I normally go on Saturday but my friend wanted to test out Friday. Found you over on Pinterest.

  3. Erica, what Rodeo committee are you on? It sounds interesting, but I don't know anyone there, so I wouldn't know what committee to start with.