It's Clear to See

Once upon a time I had a clear umbrella.  I loved it, it was genius!  It was genius because I could get under it and see right through it.  I stayed dryer and I didn't crash into things.  The bubble shape allowed me to hold my toddler and his school things in the rain while the umbrella rested on my head, ha!  Also, I never felt like I was going to poke some one's eye out, the points all faced downward and the shape was pretty narrow.  So, when it's raining, it's clear to see the bubble umbrella solves a lot of (minor) problems, tell it to your neighbor!  And I think the Duchess of Cambridge would agree:

So, I lost my clear umbrella and I've got (minor) issues again.  It's been raining for days and Houston is fresh out of umbrellas all together.   I went to 4 stores today, 2 were Targets, and no umbrellas!  Isn't that funny?!  Here are my hilarious annoyances with my old umbrella:

Watch out for the car!
My sister ducking to see me under the umbrella.
Multi-tasking in the rain trying not to get wet.  Do I really make this face?
So after shopping Houston for an umbrella with no luck, I came home and found a great world of clear bubble umbrellas out there!  Here are some of my favorites:
1. Kate Spade   |   2. Hunter   |   3. Felix Rey   |   4. Kate Spade   |   5. Hunter

I think this one from Country Attire might be my favorite of the day, navy black with antlers, it reminds me of my master bedroom!:

If you like the idea of the clear umbrella but you don't want decoration, check out this simple one I found from UO:

And last but not least, these adorable Stella McCartney Kids umbrellas are on sale from Zappos.com, pricey but a cute idea!:

I've just decided to get the Kate Spade Rain Check umbrella.  I like the price and I can order it from Nordstrom with free shipping!  Can't wait to stay dry and avoid crashing!

One last thing, I have a Wellies & Bubbles pin board, so I'll be pinning more fun umbrellas or pictures of princesses under umbrellas. :)


  1. They are all so cute! I can't decide but I am totally convinced I need one!

  2. Oh, I want one so bad now! Really cute finds!

  3. thanks! Now that I've got the umbrella covered, what rain boots do you wear? They're lovely!

  4. What a great point. I love all the cute umbrellas.

  5. I totally forgot about clear umbrellas!