A Nod to The Nod

It's hard to know whether or not pre-blog I would have rushed to the Houston Galleria on a Friday morning in hopes of being one of one hundred in line for the opening of the new Land of Nod pop-up Toy Shop.  This blog has me entering contests and challenges like I've always wanted to do!  But in the case of this Toy Shop I know pre-blog I would have been there for the chance to win $500 to my all-time favorite toy catalog!  Well we didn't win, but it was well worth the rush for the swag bag and VIP card (15% off purchases (even toy orders with free shipping) in the shop till it closes at the end of January), tell it to your neighbor!  Here's my big boy, his favorite thing was the catalog they gave us:

After waiting in line for a seriously quick 45 minutes, we got to check out the store!  I was in toy heaven!  They had everything from stocking stuffers to big ticket toys and from holiday decorations to baby onesies.  I thought it was a perfectly curated selection, not too much to overwhelm but enough of a selection to choose per age or personality.  Here are some toys that stood out to me, and I'm realizing most are "Nod Exclusive":

I can see the Super Heros and Princesses playing well here together!

Our last jar lasted 2 years and it is one of my favorite gifts we've ever 
given our kids, scissors and glue included!

This set opens up to have markers on both sides, 60 washable markers total!

Adorable!  They had a peacock and a shark costume.
Who doesn't love to play shark?  DUN DUN!

It's nice to see a few new cute and creative wooden puzzles for the toddlers!  
They had giraffe, fox and sea creatures puzzles.

This is a big box!  This might be 
a splurge for our future grand kids, heirloom quality blocks!

Finally a hat for the boys to color and decorate!

I brought this home and couldn't hide it till Christmas.
They've been fighting over it since Friday!

I took home a few more things for a birthday party and an awesome weighted bowling set that I hopefully can keep hidden until the 25th, that will be hard to do on a rainy day!  And all of these toys are going onto my Kiddo Wish List board on Pinterest.  It will help Santa make decisions. :)  Also,  check out the best part of our swag bag, a Maptote Texas print, they sell it on a onesie as well!:

So if you're in Houston, the pop-up shop is on the second floor next to Nordstrom in the Galleria.  Other Nod Toy Shops have popped up in Denver, CO, Chestnut Hill, MA and will be in King of Prussia, PA and Schaumburg, IL.  For the rest of the US, thank goodness for $4.95 Flat Fee shipping!

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