Great Party Supplies Stat

After visiting Party City, Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Target for party supplies and not finding what I needed, I walked to JCPenney.  I thought it was worth a shot and I was hoping for a TITYN surprise.  What exactly was I looking for in party supplies?  I was just brainstorming for my daughter's birthday.  Then as soon as I saw these colorful letters from the top of the escalator, I knew I had found my surprise!

In my brainstorming quests, I'm usually trying to find something out-of-the-ordinary, something high quality and something easily accessible and affordable.  Kind of impossible, but I found it at JCPenney in the MarthaCelebrations section!  I was most excited to find her giant round balloons.  Have you seen them in the pictures of fairytale weddings on Pinterest or in the magazines?:

My sister and I were having breakfast recently and there was a small party going on at a long table.  Floating over this table were 3 giant round cotton candy balloons.  They had such an impact!  No other fluff was needed, the table looked fresh, modern and festive.  I figured the balloons were probably expensive, bought in bulk and only available to the party planning trade.  So I was happy I happened upon them again at JCPenny in every color!

And giant means giant and round means circle/ball.  They are 36" inches in diameter, that's as wide as your front door!  Martha sells them in sets of two for $10.  The green Sweetgrass balloons are on sale online for $7.49.  Here's a close-up:

Next up, I had been exploring disposable table covers that were not plastic.  Martha Stewart read my mind!  Take a look at these paper table covers, they look like hemstitched linen table cloths, tell it to your neighbor!:

These table covers are 108" long by 50" wide and could probably be cut with scissors to fit a smaller card table.  They are $5 and the green is on sale online for $3.69.  I found 10 different colors available at the store (black not pictured):

Now let's talk backdrops, banners and hanging decorations.  Martha has it all at JCP.  One stop shop.  If I could have a photo booth at a party, I'd be using these easy garlands and streamers as the backdrop.
This banner is customizable and great quality:

The hanging decorations are all different shapes, colors and materials.  You'll be able to find the right style for your special party!

If you're gathering supplies for a candy bar at a party, Martha has the candy, containers and the scoops!  Great colors:

Long story short: For our next spontaneous shindig, we now have extraordinary party supplies available to us in small quantities at great prices and just down the street at our nearest JCPenney.  Thank you, Martha!

Here are items from this post, click on the picture and I'll take you to the source:


  1. Love the balloons and the paper table cloths! Great find! I've missed your posts :)

    1. Thank you, Teresa, for this comment! I needed it!

  2. Replies
    1. Me too! Just got balloons today for my Oscars party that isn't until February!

  3. No longer at JCP. Went to try and get stuff after your post and found out her stuff all moved to Macys. So go there now!! :)

    1. What?????!!!!! I need to look into this pronto! I wonder if it's gone at all JCPs.

    2. Okay, I just went to my JCP and it's all still there! I talked to the manager and she said as far as she knew they were continuing the contract with the Martha Stewart party stuff but the food stuff like honey and olive oil was discontinued. Phew!