Dancing Crows

I'm posting an update to the Fun Halloween Finds because these moving crow decoys are awesome!  They even fool me and I'm the one who installed them, ha!  I do a double take every time I pass by the window and see something moving.  Would you be fooled by the birds in my yard?:

I realize the effect would be better if Mickey weren't in the picture but I have a 3 year old and it's Halloween and he's in love!

I was very impressed with size of these flocked birds!  Here's a picture of them with my flip-flop so you can size the set of 3, we call that flip-flop a scale-giver:

I'll keep you posted on facebook to let you know how they do in the rain/weather and how often I have to change the batteries.  I switched them off last night and turned them back on this morning to conserve.  In any event I'm ready with a bag of batteries, because it's worth it!

If you're interested in the Triple Play Motion Crows for yourself, they're made by Lucky Duck.  The best price I found was from Grabagun.com, but it looks like I bought the last of them.  Wait!  I just found a better price from AmeriOutdoors!  I think these decoys are meant to be out for short periods of time but I was willing to take the risk.  My daughter says they're dancing crows!


  1. Where did you find your Mickey inflatable? I have a 2 year old nephew that would love one! Love the crows, too!

    1. Thank you! I found the Mickey inflatable at Home Depot last week. But it was the only one and there wasn't a sticker for it on the shelf, hmmmmm... I think it was $30. Good luck I hope you find it there!

  2. Oh my ga, love those birds. Pretty house, too.