Now I See Me

Before we get into the idea/solution behind this post I need to say something about our hall/kids'/guest bath.  Since we moved into our house 5 years ago, the only thing we've done to update this bathroom is replace the mirror.  I was so excited to look for new wallpaper and light fixtures to replace the existing but over and over other things have been more important.  So here's the only thing we've done to the bathroom, and surprise the wallcovering is leopard print:

After we replaced the mirror, my kids still couldn't see themselves even if they stood on a stool.  So for the longest time I had a very small vanity mirror resting on the top of the sink.  It was impossible to keep it clean and impossible to expect the mirror to stay put.  Here is the crazy little thing:

Sorry that's a terrible picture, I had to go back 2 iPhones ago to find an example of the vanity mirror.  Also, do you see the flooring in the above picture?  It was a custom cut wall-to-wall sea grass rug that I loved!  But after a big poo-poo accident by this little guy, there was no saving it and we had to pull it up. :(  Anyway, somehow we lost the vanity mirror and it was driving me crazy that our kids couldn't see themselves brushing their teeth!  So I found this small mirror at Michael's:

I cut the ribbon and the d-ring hardware off the back of the mirror and mounted it directly to the tile with permanent mounting tape.  If we never renovate this bathroom and I need to remove the mirror, the worst that could happen is I might need a little goo-gone to remove the tape off the tile.

And it works!  The mirror stays clean and it stays put!  My kids can see themselves!  He can on the stool:

 And she can standing normally on the floor:

Another thing I found frustrating was trying to help our kids dress themselves and feel independent without them even being able to see themselves.  So, I hung mirrors at their height in their rooms as well.  I found her mirror at Ikea:

And his was from LL Bean:

I don't think any of these mirrors are available anymore so I started sifting through sites looking for alternates and I found a splurge vs. steal situation!  Below, the rope mirror on the left from Zhush.com is $125, not a bad price standing at 25" tall.  But, the Nate Berkus rope mirror on the right I found at Target for $29.99!  Nate's mirror is about 9" shorter but almost $100 less!  It's perfect for a little boy's room!

Here are a few other alternates I found if all of the sudden you feel the need like I did, click on the pic and I'll take you there:


  1. Wait! I love the leopard wallpaper! Is it not as cute in person?? Or am I just tacky?? HA!

  2. I love the leopard wallpaper too! Great post E!!!!

  3. I love the leopard wallpaper too! Great ideas Erica, I think I need a mirror for the kids' room.