Instagramming From Round Top

Last week my friend was instagramming while on vacation in New Orleans and I was enjoying it so much!  She made me want to visit New Orleans more than ever, I've never been!  Anyway my C. Style sister was loving our friend's instagrams as well.  So I thought I'd give it a shot while we were in Round Top over the weekend.  Here's what I posted:

First stop in Round Top! @ArborAntiquesServices #igottago

That's a first! Segways in Round Top. #personaltransportation

Lone Ranger is unloading as we Instagram! @oldhenryfarm #swedishroots

I loved this patchwork kilim rug from Marilyn, The Screaming Shopper. She said she could have it made in any size. #roundtop Located behind Hillcrest Inn, warrenton.

Huge orange dala horse. Not for sale. :( Scale giving lipstick.  www.enebyantik.com  @bluehills #swedishroots @dougcarina

We picked up a chocolate chip pie from Royers last night and TITYN, it was delicious! #matchingpjs #piehaven

Acquisition for the big boy's room! All offers considered at Gallery Auctions. :) @bluehills
Cute new Guatemalan style of girls' dresses at Ole San Miguel! @arborantiqueservices #roundtop

I found another dala horse today! From Sweden to my house. Thank you Lone Ranger! #roundtop @oldhenryfarm

This time last night we said goodnight to this gal. #eyetoeye #roundtop #yestergram

I didn't really post much from where we stayed because that deserves a whole blog post to itself!  Stay tuned...


  1. Can't wait!! I'll be there on Sunday. :)) I see you're crushing on South American/ Native American design this trip...post some more of your finds!!

  2. Wonder if there's anything like this in California... Looks like fun :)