Fun Halloween Finds

The continuation of our Round Top trip will have to wait until next week.  I've been in the stores this week, working on Halloween and I've found so many fun things!  I know people will be out shopping this weekend for their spooky decor and I don't want you to miss out, the good stuff always goes fast!  So here's the fun Halloween finds I've found:

Chris March's Big Fun wig collection:  Genius, Chris March, genius!!!  These are awesome and found at Target!  The sign said to check online for more styles so here's the link:  Big Fun.  I bought the big pink wig (oops I have it on backwards) for $20 and I'm pretty sure my kids are going to remember the year their mom went trick-or-treating with a big pink afro!  I love creating embarrassing memorable moments.  Here's the display at Target:

Also Found at Target:  Creepy white spiders and a life size posable skeleton.  I love these spiders because you can wrap them around things, stretch them out and now they're in a fuzzy white, cool!  And if you're wanting to give your neighbors a thrill by adding a Skeleton In the Yard tradition to your Halloween, $40 is a great price.  Check it out:

Martha Stewart Pets Harness Costumes:  Some people love to dress up their pets for Halloween and I think it's cute and fun.  I've always wished we could dress up our dog but she's never comfortable in anything but a coat and does anything to get it off.  I saw these adorable Harness Costumes at PetSmart last week for $20 and thought they looked comfortable.  We gave it a try today and she was fine with it on!  The harness comes in 3 styles, spider, angel and bat.  After Halloween you can remove the costume and use the harness year round!  Now they're on sale online for $15.99.  The bat was our favorite:

Spider Pumpkin Stand:  I saw these at Central Market this week for around $16, which is better than any price I can find online.  Pretty cute!  I like how the pumpkin changes the look of the spider.  You can have a tall spider or a round spider.  You could make a whole family!  Also, with the pumpkin up off the ground, maybe it will last longer.  Silly fun:

Decoy or Decor?:  This is last on the list but it's the thing I'm most excited about today!  I've been trying to find giant outdoor crows.  I thought it would look cool to have these big crows descending upon our home and yard for Halloween.  Well they don't exist.  But I did find the next best thing!  The Triple Play Motion Crow decoy looks like birds moving and feeding on the ground.  How awesome would it be to have your yard covered with these crows?!  I would need 5 sets to create the look but they're not cheap so I ordered 3 to start our collection this year.  The description says the birds are flocked and the set comes with a fabric bag for storage.  Watch them in action:

I'm always looking for fun things for this fun holiday!  I try to collect it all on my Boo! pin board on Pinterest.  The Today Show has a pretty great collection of Halloween ideas as well, here is their pin board:  TODAY Halloween.

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