Drug Store Favorites

These are my drug store favorites.  They are all single post worthy, but that wouldn't be fun, it would be a tease!  Some of these are old favorites and some are new.  Here's the list:

1.  Diamond Dazzle Stik - Taking my rings to get cleaned has never made it on my mental to do list and I just don't know about handing my rings to a jeweler for them to take to the back to be cleaned.  So I've tried everything at home.  At the recommendation of Martha Stewart, I've used a toothbrush and toothpaste for it's polishing qualities.  At the rec of a jeweler, I've microwaved ammonia and water and used the same too-big-toothbrush.  And those blue solution things scare me.  All of these were sort of a mess too.  So when I saw the Diamond Dazzle Stik I grabbed it!  It was not a mess and the brush was small enough to scrub the details.  Just wet the bristles, twist the cleaner out, scrub and then rinse your jewelry.  So easy and quick, tell it to your neighbor!  Here are a few untouched before and after pics as evidence of the success:

2.  Original Sarna - I get the hives all the time on my legs and Sarna is the only thing that soothes and stops the itching, the lotion has changed my life.  I started getting the Hives or PUPPPs at the end of my first pregnancy and then they stopped after I had my baby.  But they started up again at the start of my second pregnancy, so I saw my dermatologist and he recommended Benadryl and Sarna.  Well, now they've never gone away.  They're not as bad as they were when I was pregnant, I don't need Bendadryl, but I do need my Sarna!  It provides me instant cooling relief and we now use it on our bug bites.  My cousin used it when she was going through chemo treatments that made her skin itchy.  If you know anyone with the hives, shingles, bug bites, pupps or itchy skin from chemo, please tell them about Sarna.  I prefer the Original formula. 

3.  Oral-B Pulsar Toothbrush:  This toothbrush is the bomb and I'm hooked.  It's a disposable, battery operated, vibrating toothbrush that cleans your teeth like no other.  Our bathroom is small and we only have one outlet so I can't keep anything plugged in and charging on the counter.  This toothbrush stays in my toothbrush holder just like all my standard toothbrushes have in the past.  I like the soft bristles.  You've got to try it!

4.  Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizers - Have you ever been applying your spray on sunscreen and thought to yourself, "Why hasn't someone made spray on body lotion?"  Well, I had so when I saw the funny commercial, I was all over it or was it all over me?  Ha!  It really is as it seems in the commercial, so fast and quick absorbing.  And it feels light so when I'm outside in the humidity I'm not as sticky as I would be with most moisturizers.  I've only used the Aloe scent and I like it!

5.  Simply Saline Sterile Saline Nasal Mist - All I have to say is, why use a Neti Pot when you can use this?  In my opinion it's the same thing except its contained in a sterile can and you don't have to deal with salt packets and heating water.  I keep my mist in the warm steamy shower and use it in there when I'm congested and it prevents me from getting clogged.

I could go on forever with this post but I'll stop at my top 5.  If you put all 5 of these items in your shopping cart at Drugstore.com your total would be $40.45 before taxes and you'd qualify for free standard shipping.  That's always nice!

Here are quick links to my Top 5.  Click on the pic and I'll take you there:


  1. Great post! Love your blog! I'm on Accutane (at 31), and I really need something for the itchy skin. I also believe in the neti pot, but I'm generally too lazy to keep up with it. I bought the. nasal spray and Sarna this morning : ). For your random hives, I really recommend seeing my acupuncturist. One week of herbs from her cured me from 18 months of post pregnancy allergies. Kathy Tang of TR Acupuncture clinic (on Weslayan and Holcombe, facing the Whole Foods). Thanks again for the post!

  2. Thank you! This is great advice!! I really enjoy your blog. :)

  3. can't wait to get the toothbrush. really. it's the little things. :)

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