Driving Around Again

My husband went dove hunting this weekend and so my kids and I went in our PJs to pick up drive thru doughnuts and then we went driving around again admiring homes and looking for inspiration.  Last time we did this I found Slurried Brick.  This time I was excited to find all sorts of exterior inspiration and even another slurried brick house.  This one is still under construction and the brick treatment is mid application, so great!  Check it out:

Driving Around Again, slurried brick, mortar washed, sacked brick

Driving Around Again, slurried brick, mortar washed, sacked brick

Next up is an awning/canopy solution for a carport/garage.  I love the black and white stripe.  I'm not sure of their situation but as fellow no garage/only carport owner, I love it!  Most of the time a design restriction leads to a unique solution that actually "makes" the design:

Driving Around Again, striped canopy carport and garage

 Next, I love this wood gate, it's so pretty.  And how about the arched porte cochere with the vine growing?  Lovely!:

Driving Around Again, wood gate and arched porte cochere

I think our house needs to be repainted soon so I've been pondering and pinning the monochromatic look of a white house with white shutters.  When I passed this house I was happy to see the light monochromatic look in person!  Beautiful:

Driving Around Again, monochromatic exterior paint

Check out the display of patriotism on this house.  If we ever add onto our house I would now like a double balcony so we can proudly hang an American and a Texas flag together.  It looks awesome:

Can someone please help me with this next one?  I pass by this swing all the time and I long for it.  I have tried every google search possible looking for something like it and I can't find it!  I'd love to give it as a gift to so many people and I'd love to have it hanging in my front yard.  Help, please:

I thought this swing was pretty too, love the thick golden rope, the simple design and the craftsmanship:

This driving around and taking pictures for the blog might be a new hobby, stay posted!


  1. I was recently at a beach house with that swing and I loved it so much I searched for it online. I'll send it to you !

  2. Oh, please share the info for that swing when you give it. That is awesome! I love these posts. It's so fun to drive around and look at houses!

  3. Would you mind sharing the location of the first house? We're looking for a builder who specializes in this technique. Love your blog! Thanks so much!

  4. Can I ask what city these homes are in? Is it the Woodlands? We are relocating to Houston next week (!) and although we are renting in Katy for a year, we aren't tied down to that city. Coming from Seattle, and an old cape cod type home, seeing these old homes really speaks to my heart. ;)

  5. I would love to know if you ever found a source for the great rope swing...this would be a great Christmas gift for someone I know... :) Thanks, love your blog!

  6. I see that you featured 2 rope swings! I'm searching for the one with the "net" at the bottom instead of the wooden seat!