I am so excited about this post!  Have you ever heard of or been to Thread in the Heights?  It opened in 2011, it just moved into a big new space and it is the cutest store ever!  If you haven't heard, Thread is a stylish resale shop for children's clothing.  Now, I've been to several children's resale shops but none of them are like this!  Other resale shops feel utilitarian to me.  This shop, Thread, is a boutique, it's adorable and I felt the community in there.  Take a look inside:

One of the reasons I'm so excited about this post is because one of the owners, Kari, is a fellow mom from my daughter's class at school.  I think what Kari and her partner, Rebecca, are doing with Thread and it's concept is awesome and I love being able to share it here with my neighbors.

So here's how Thread works:  You can either 1. Go there and shop like I did and find things like your favorite elastic waist pants for boys for less or 2. Bring your kids' clothes or gear that's in good condition and sell it to them!  They will price your items while you shop and then give you 30% cash or 50% store credit.  Who wants to have a garage sale or post something on Craig's List when you can get store credit to a place like this!  Here are the elastic waist, Mini Boden pants I'm talking about:

Tomorrow our Tax Free Weekend starts here in Texas, Aug 9th through the 11th, for back-to-school shopping.  Go to Thread to save!  I found brands from Burberry to Cherokee, something for everyone.  They even have new items like these cute twirl skirts made by a local designer, The Spotted Fawn.:

Here is half of the girls' section at Thread:

And half of the boys' section:

My son just grew out of his swim trunks and the summer is not nearly over in Houston so I'll be going back for one of these:

They even have maternity clothes, books for expecting parents and new chew bead necklaces:

For our next big birthday gift or for Christmas I'm heading to Thread for the Early Rider balance bike, they sell them new.  I've heard teaching to ride a bike is a breeze if your kiddo has already learned to balance on one of these:

They also sell art like these Texas Wildlife watercolor prints by local artist, Kim Kiaser, for $20.  Adorable!:

Look at this jogging stroller, it looks brand new!:

Oh and I don't want to forget the shoes, they have UGGs, cowboy boots and Keens!

I hope my excitement is rubbing off!  It pays to stay connected to Thread through their facebook page.  They post pictures of latest arrivals and in-store events.  I had no idea they host a popular DIY night once a month!  I will be attending before the year is over and you can count on a future post here.  Here's a picture of my purchases last week, good as new Keens for $17 and a twirl skirt my daughter has worn almost everyday:

Go see my friend Kari and shop Thread!  It's located off 19th St. on Rutland in The Heights behind Langford Market.  They are open Tuesday-Saturday, 10-5 and Sunday, 12-4. 

PS - They had a rack of school uniforms!

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