Cake Bunting in a Jiffy

When I'm living life "one step at a time" I often have to throw things together in a jiffy.  This post is an idea for decorating a cake with items found at home or at the office.  First, you'll need a quick delicious cake.  Call ahead to your nearest Zoës Kitchen and order their YaYa's Hand-Made Chocolate Cake, it's baked in a tray so it's transportable and it's SO good!  Next, raid the cabinet and gather your supplies:
  • 2 Sticks (straws, skewers, chopsticks from an order of Chinese)
  • String (thin ribbon, bakers twine, sisal twine, cotton string, rubber-bands cut and tied together...)
  • Labels (I used Avery 8160, anything blank, peel and stick will work)
  • Colors (crayon, marker, colored pencils...)
  • Sharpie (or a dark marker)
  • Scissors

Now color the number of labels for letters you need.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY = 13 labels,  ROYAL BABY = 9 labels, GOOD LUCK = 8 labels, CONGRATS = 8.  Be speedy, be messy, color every other label so you don't have to worry about staying within the label lines:

 Next, tear apart the rows/columns and fold them in half:

Add your message with a Sharpie.  Important Note - this is theater-in-the-round so your message is in reverse order on the backside.  The picture does a better job explaining than I do:

Now, keep the labels folded and make only two cuts on each label/letter to form your double-sided triangle pennant. 

Lastly, peel your labels and fold them over the string so they stick upon themselves.  Then tie the string to your sticks and put it all in a baggie for safe transport or safe keeping.

Our celebration was at a restaurant so I was able to put the cake bunting and a few candles in my bag, pick-up the cake at Zoës and quickly set the stage before the birthday girl arrived.

This cake was for my Stepmom's birthday.  I think the quick cake decorations made this bought cake more festive, special and a little homemade.  It wasn't perfect but that's what I love so much about it! 


  1. Love it! Barbara is lucky to have such a thoughtful step-daughter. :)

  2. What a great tip! I'll definitely be using this. The bunting looks adorable!