Master Overhaul: Before and After

Finally!  I'm so excited our master bedroom is pretty much complete and I can finally share it with you.  (If you missed the original post with the problem, plan and inspiration, here it is: Master Plan and Inspiration.)  If you've been following updates on facebook then you know this has been a long time coming!  Now are you ready for the hodge podge, not "me", before picture?  Here it is:

I'm so glad it's gone!  It just wasn't us.  I've never made our bed on a daily basis because I just wasn't proud of the space.  Well now it's a whole different story, I love our new space:

I've had the bedding installed since April and for the first time in my life, I'm a bed maker!!!  It feels so great, I got rid of all the extra throw pillows and shams and now we just stack our sleeping pillows.  Nothing to fluff, tell it to your neighbor!  The floral duvet goes in the basket if we don't need it for the night.

Oh I just love our new room.  At the end of this post I'll roll the credits and list links to most everything in the room.  But before that, here are more pics of our successful Master Overhaul:

This area needs a little work.  I think I'll look for a lamp and a few accessories next time we're in Round Top:

Also, I'm working on a piece of art that will go over the big dresser behind Mister Man and the TV:

Benjamin Moore, Raccoon Fur

Roll the credits, click on the item and I'll take you there!

Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore, Raccoon Fur 2126-20, Natura, Flat Finish
Similar Metal Bed
Linen Bed Skirt
The Softest Quilt Ever
Chambray Sheets
Striped Sheets or Similar
Throw/Floral Duvet
Similar Wood Tray
Similar Jewelry Box
Red Leather Chair and Ottoman
Similar Big Basket
Mirror Jar Lamp on sale!
Similar Rug Navy or Black

Or quick links here:

I've never believed those designer tips about a dark wall color making a room feel bigger.  But it's true, it does!