A Nice Frame Ready-To-Go

When it comes to framing art or photos, most of the time I'm a fan of the white frame with a white mat.  I went heavy on the idea after Nate Berkus revealed his amazing transformation of Dr. Ruth's apartment.  The white on white is so fresh and so clean clean.

Chester Higgins Jr. / The New York Times
I love this look, but I can't frame everything in white, although I'm very close!  So I had to stop myself and find another idea.  My home needs variety and warmth.  Then I was inspired by the following two images I found on Pinterest:

desire to inspire / james leland day encore
Source: The Design Files, Jan Juc Home
Aren't they pretty?!  The thin honey colored wood frame with the big white mat looks so nice.  I like how it warms up the black and white print in the first image and in the second image it highlights the colored photo and makes the blue sky stand out.

So I had all of this in mind while I was finishing up a few projects for the Master Overhaul.  I went to Aaron Brothers for options that were ready-to-go, mat and all.  Usually, I don't have the time or budget for custom frames.  Then I was surprised by the Aaron Brothers One Cent Sale!  Buy one frame and get a second frame for a penny!

I was so happy to find this beautiful new frame that looks like the two frames I had been admiring on Pinterest!  It's called the Sydney frame and this honey color comes in 4 sizes.  The 11x14 opening frame is $44.99 and the 8x10 opening frame is $34.99.  I'm not sure how much the smaller 5x7 and 4x6 cost but they are pretty! 

The Sydney wall frame comes in bigger sizes just not in the honey color.  I hope they decide to change that because the bigger 16x20 frame has a much bigger mat and more depth.  Here's a look at the detail of the corners and I added my thumb to the 11x14 frame so you could see the depth:

So I decided on the 8x10 wall frame for the Love You More watercolor I painted for my Husband.  The mat included with the frame was an antique white and I needed a whiter white and a smaller opening.  So I replaced the mat and propped the frame with a clear stand.

"Love you more" is kind of an inside joke.  My husband, Joseph, and I used to say it back and forth in high school and my sister used to make fun of us.  I'm sure it was pretty annoying and would make anyone want to gag.  Somehow it became a fun family thing, now we even say it with our kids.  :)

Now hurry to Aaron Brothers while the One Cent Sale is going on and get some of that art behind your dresser and under you bed framed!  Sale ends on the 29th of July.  And don't forget that amazing Kinetic Sand!


Birthday Campout Inspiration

You know I love a Minted competition!  This season's competition is inspiration for a summer party, click here to participate.  At the moment, I'm inspired by s'mores and my soul needs camping and fishing very soon.  Here is the result of my current feelings:

Summer Birthday Campout
Summer Campout by Erica, see more Minted
Summer Campout board by Erica. See more Minted

If you fancy my board, please help me win!  Click on the board and "favorite" it by clicking on minted's little green heart icon.  If you make a board, I'd love to see it.  Please tag me somehow, maybe on Pinterest.

Have a great Saturday!


A Bunch of Stuff for Kids

The last couple of days I found myself wanting to post to TITYN's facebook page constantly.  I didn't want to be annoying so I resisted.  Now I have enough information for a whole blog post!  Here we go!

1.  Kinetic Sand, Aaron Brother's has it!  Sprint don't run!  I've been visiting their stores for 2 weeks waiting for the shipment to arrive.  My closest location at Buffalo Speedway had 2 boxes left as of 1 pm yesterday.  What is it?  Watch this brief video or this detailed video.  My kids love it!

2.  We've been loving our Projectables Night Lights and today we found them at Kroger!  They are also found at Target.  Projectables are the night light of all night lights, projecting favorite characters onto walls and ceilings for less bedtime anxiety.  Now the lights have a sensor and turn off automatically.

3.  I got an email with a coupon code for Cherry Hill Designs!  They are our favorite water-proof labels.  Love their designs and how well they hold up in the dishwasher.  The code is "Summer20" for 20% off all merchandise totaling $35 or more.  The sale ends on the 14th of July so hurry!  My last order was 2 years ago and I just ran out of labels.  Time to stock up for school!

4.  Did you see the Sneaker Secret post?  I thought $23 for the most durable sneaker was unbeatable.  Think again, Erica.  How about $21 in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale?!  Early Access for card holders is going on now and then the sale begins on the 18th of July.  If you regularly shop at Nordstrom please get a debit card and reap the rewards, tell it to your neighbor!  FYI -  The Anniversary sale is "next season on sale" and the price goes up after the sale ends.  Great time to grab a winter coat.
'Jazz' Hook & Loop Sneaker
'Jazz' Hook & Loop Sneaker (online only)
5.  Pixar + Houston Symphony = Pixar Concert!  And I just got an email with an awesome Travelzoo offer!  I would love to go to this event but my daughter is pretty sensitive to anything slightly loud.  Travelzoo's offer is for $30 orchestra seats, regularly $79.  Or $25 mezzanine seats, regularly $46.  Show dates are July 19th and July 20th.  Please go and tell me all about it! 

6.  I am dying to take my daughter on a date to the James Turrell exhibit at the MFAH!!  Have you been?  What did you think?  I've been waiting for the day when just her brother is at summer camp, we have a couple more weeks to go.  Not sure I can wait though.  I may have to try and take both kiddos at the same time. 

I'm glad I resisted the facebook posts, now nothing can get lost in a news feed roll.  Have a great weekend!


Master Overhaul: Before and After

Finally!  I'm so excited our master bedroom is pretty much complete and I can finally share it with you.  (If you missed the original post with the problem, plan and inspiration, here it is: Master Plan and Inspiration.)  If you've been following updates on facebook then you know this has been a long time coming!  Now are you ready for the hodge podge, not "me", before picture?  Here it is:

I'm so glad it's gone!  It just wasn't us.  I've never made our bed on a daily basis because I just wasn't proud of the space.  Well now it's a whole different story, I love our new space:

I've had the bedding installed since April and for the first time in my life, I'm a bed maker!!!  It feels so great, I got rid of all the extra throw pillows and shams and now we just stack our sleeping pillows.  Nothing to fluff, tell it to your neighbor!  The floral duvet goes in the basket if we don't need it for the night.

Oh I just love our new room.  At the end of this post I'll roll the credits and list links to most everything in the room.  But before that, here are more pics of our successful Master Overhaul:

This area needs a little work.  I think I'll look for a lamp and a few accessories next time we're in Round Top:

Also, I'm working on a piece of art that will go over the big dresser behind Mister Man and the TV:

Benjamin Moore, Raccoon Fur

Roll the credits, click on the item and I'll take you there!

Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore, Raccoon Fur 2126-20, Natura, Flat Finish
Similar Metal Bed
Linen Bed Skirt
The Softest Quilt Ever
Chambray Sheets
Striped Sheets or Similar
Throw/Floral Duvet
Similar Wood Tray
Similar Jewelry Box
Red Leather Chair and Ottoman
Similar Big Basket
Mirror Jar Lamp on sale!
Similar Rug Navy or Black

Or quick links here:

I've never believed those designer tips about a dark wall color making a room feel bigger.  But it's true, it does!